So I have a solid man crush on Underwood Ammo now since I got my .460Rowland up and running for the 2019 Hogpocalypse .  I just ordered 65 gr. .357 Sig and 65gr. +P 9mm Lehigh Extreme penetrators.   Solid copper.  Anybody use?



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I’m also curious about these.   While there penetration is impressive, all the talk about wound cavity sounds too good to be true.   Is this a better mouse trap or just  marketing.    

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(Normally I use buffalo bore hard cast in the woods with pigs.  

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Doc has commented here and else where about this design... Comparing them to other fluted designs like the Devel projectiles from the 1980s


If I may provide one example of a past quote from the Doc...

"This idea of a solid projectile with flat point and flutes has been around for a long time. We tested a .45 Auto 185 gr +P solid w/flat point and flutes for NSW back in the late 1980's or so.

Despite media and vendor hype to the contrary, these solid fluted bullets just punch a hole in tissue like any FMJ--there is no mystical hydraulic energy, magical pressure spikes, absurdly enlarged wound cavity, etc...

Nonetheless, this design can be a good projectile and offer decent terminal performance. "

I never bought into the hype, but curiosity has on occasion had me wondering how they do after passing thru barriers.  I would guess penetration would be good.

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