For a lefty (which I’m not), look at the GSR.  My nephew has (had?) a lefty GSR in .308.  Shot and handled nicely.  

Marlin lever guns can be lefty-friendly.  I have no experience with the Savage 99, but where I am, the few that I see are pricey.

In terms of caliber, I think it depends on what you want the gun to do for you.  One of the reasons I would stick with a traditional lever action caliber is that, at least here, they are fairly plentiful and not too expensive.  Yeah, .30-30 is more per round than .223, but it’s not bad and whenever there’s talk of a magazine or gun ban, the calibers that are associated with those items get scarce.  This is one of the reasons I never picked up a GSR.  Great idea for a low profile nearly ban-proof gun, but the ammo they use is ban-susceptible and prone to going scarce.  Now if they made one in .270 or .30-06 with available magazines, I’d be interested.  I know they made one in 6.5 creedmoor, but I don’t see the point for that platform.

While I don’t know your particular situation in Canada or your desire or intended use for a lever action, consider ammo availability.  

@Community Member posted:

I have a few questions for the lever action SMEs.

I have often thought about adding a lever action to the collection, especially more so now, with the current gun ban going on here in Canada.

However, I am not keen on adding yet another caliber to the ones I already have.

I have therefore been looking for a lever action in one of the calibers I already have a stockpile of ammunition for: 7.62x51, 5.56x45, 300Blk, or even 9mm.

Not many options that exist in those that I know of, except for the Browning BLR.

My questions are:

How do the BLRs compare to the more traditional options?

Does anyone else make a lever in any of those calibers that could be recommended?

Should I just suck it up, and get a lever action in 30-30 or .357 etc.?

If looking along the lines of a BLR in one of those calibers, would I be better off with a bolt action "scout rifle", and if so, which one, bearing in mind that I am left handed?




Anybody want to start a gun company with me and make levers in 7.62x39, 7.62x51, 5.56x45, .300, 9mm,  .45, 10mm....... 

Maybe it's recency bias or whatever it's called when you "just" see something and assume it's hot because you just saw it, but lever guns rule and the PCC world seems hot between Striborg/CZ Scorpion/MP-5 clone whatever they are calling it (so making them in "modern" pistol calibers seems smart). 


7.62x39 gets a decent review from people who bought one in bolt action, yeah you're getting less capacity in a tube mag but... OUR lever gun company will also offer box mags. Suck a D. 

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