I am considered "essential" so I'm still drawing a paycheck.

Locally I have been trying to support business that are still open (restaurants, small grocers, etc) and even going so far as to go to my barbers house and pay for six months of haircuts up front.

We have LFers on the forum that have business that may be shut down (Lobsterclaw, VaughT, Senorlechero to name a few) so why not support them if we have the means? I'm not suggesting buying things from the HESM if dudes are just liquidating gear I'm talking supporting LF Businesses. Knife makers to Beverage consumption devices to gear makers and everyone in between.

Buying goods, "gift cards", etc.

I know my grandfather hated being given money between jobs but if someone wanted to pay him to make some furniture he was more than happy.

Maybe make a list here so its easier to find.

Just a thought.

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Good idea.

Some of the online retailer guys are hopefully still up and running, just no one is thinking of buying. At least in PA, there are caveats for such businesses to keep functioning because customers never actually come into a brick and mortar store front. 

dirtpro posted:

Great idea! I'd love a list of LF owned businesses anyways as I try to support those here pandemic or not.

This is a brilliant suggestion.  Would it be possible to create a category, or at least a topic, where Lightfighter-owned small businesses can be listed?

David, thank you. I dropped the ball following up.

Another thought, LF care packages. I sent stuff to friends down range, why not do the same for LFer's in the states?

David, hopefully the thread in Crusader Hall  will get more traction.

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