I utilized an Aimpoint T-1 on my Noveske 10.5 CQB prior to retirement. I always left the T-1 illuminated on a "low" setting so that it was ready for immediate use when I un-assed the cruiser.  I powered the sight with name-brand (Duracell or Rayovac) lithium batteries, CR2032 .  Battery life was phenomenal.  I changed the battery once each year during my Christmas vacation.  At the time the batteries were manufactured either stateside or in Japan.  Never a problem. 

Then these batteries began being manufactured in China and Indonesia, according to the stamping on the battery face.  I left the  sight on a low-power setting just as before but began experiencing battery failure after approximately eight to ten months.  Same experience with another T-1 on my 6920.

Has anyone else experienced this problem with batteries manufactured off-shore?  What lithium batteries are you now utilizing?  Thank-you in advance. 

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I have generally used Energizer 2032s in my Aimpoints. I currently have their "fancy" lithium branded batteries rather than the more commercial style packaging I used to buy. I do not recall what country the old ones were made in, however these are stamped Indonesia.

I currently have 3x in service - a 4moa from 2011, a 2moa from 2012 and a 2moa from 2014. All are stored on a setting of 10, and "stored" sums up their usage for the last few years.

Despite claims of batteries lasting multiple years, I also changed my batteries yearly - generally when business was slow in late December. If nothing else, I tried to verify my zeros and grind a little rust off in August.

I noticed as of maybe 2016 or 2017 that my 8-9 month old batteries were generally underperforming. I was otherwise occupied mentally at the time and believed it was just the time of day and intensity of sunlight. I wrote off the batteries being subsequently found dead in December as being related to me turning them up to around 12 and forgetting to return them to 10.

During my most recent service (I believe January 2019) I found one was flat dead, one visible but functionally dead, and the third was questionably usable.

In short: I have observed similar issues in 3x Aimpoints that spent the last year stored on a setting of 10 in a climate controlled environment.


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I usually stock up on batteries every year from Battery Junction during their Black Friday sale.  I use those batteries on January 1 to change all the batteries in the house - Aimpoints, weaponlights, flashlights, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide/natural gas alarms, everything.

I just checked a couple of the Aimpoints and Surefires, and they all seem to be fine.

I would be interested in Wayne Dobb's input, as he is a Aimpoint rep.  They may have guidance on preferred brands.

Hope that helps.

My H1 has an Energizer in it that I change every two years at New Years. I leave it set on 6 beside the bed.  I dug out the package, a four pack with two left in it.  Sure enough “Made in Indonesia” stamped on the battery. 

I just picked up a Romeo 4 for a second rifle.  I’m interested in battery life with the MOTAC system for a gun that isn’t bouncing around in a cruiser or in a holster.  

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