Training AAR's are important.  So are operational AAR's.  More recent AAR's are usually classified so I am taking the opportunity to post the URL for "Operation Employment of Lone Wolf Tactics", fwd by MG Nathan Twining. 15th AAF, Commanding, Foggia, Italy, 1944.

The monograph describes the TTP used in sending small groups of heavy bombers, B-17's and B-24's on long missions in bad weather to harass the German military effort.  Using rudimentary equipment, math and a lot of guts these men flew long missions at night, in bad weather and for the most part, had few losses.  Camouflage, training, documentation and use of available resources are all covered.  I find it particularly interesting as one of my mothers uncles was killed while as the flight engineer in a B-24 derivative on a Hump mission in Bangladesh at the same time

It's 45 pages long so you can follow the URL below to read it.









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