I need a little help finding a MOLLE armor carrier suitable for uniform use. I'm a K9 handler now and have the leeway to wear one. The one I'm using has some shortcomings and I need to find one that fits my needs and looks decent.

Here's what I'm using now. It's got some old panels crammed into it. My current Second Chance panels won't fit in it and it only holds large plates and not my 5x8 trauma plate. Looks like shit with my collar either smashed under it or it sticks way out. L-R is an altered baton pouch with my dog reward, blow out kit, phone pouch, pistol mags, M4 mag pouch.[url=http://s1184.photobucket.com/user/LawDogRD10/media/EF219D10-CE67-4F26-822F-7D5594341EF3.jpg.html][img][/url]

I need something MOLLE on the bottom and maybe with uniform-type shirt pockets on top. I've also got a silver tan Blauer Armorskin carrier that I used before I got the dog. I f'n hated it.

This is perfect, but I can't find anytying like it for sale anywhere.

I like this one, but Point Blank won't sell the carrier separately. I tried to get one custom made, but I had to get my money back after several months with no vest.

Meh... And I I think this is a Turtle something and they haven't taken orders since last spring.

Just an identification vest, but the slash pockets would be handy.

I really like this one, but it's no longer available and the back looks like a soup sandwich.

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We use these.  No molle on the back.  It holds your panels.  It has 2 chest, top entry zip pockets (you can see the slits in the pic).  I have one, and I dig it.  Just communicate as to what your panels for your armor are so you can fit it right, but, mine works with my old vest and my new armor.

It has a drag strap on back.  It can take BIG plates, but, I have not put any in mine, nor have I tried to.  It has an internal pocket for a bug, set up for right hand draw, but you have to unzip it some.  It will not expose your body as long as you don't unzip all the way and let it fall open.


Overall, I really like this, but, it is the only one authorized for us in patrol.  Other units can use other things, but, that's none of my business....(Kermit sips tea).  I recommend it.

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I currently use one of the Point Blank carriers.  It is a little different (better IMO) than the one pictured above.  I got mine through Southern Uniform Supply.  Pretty good customer service and delivered in 4 weeks,  around $400 bucks with pouches.  However, pouches that come with it aren't the best.


We wear this, http://www.gharmorsystems.com/...ucts/apb-carrier-apb

I like it, only complaint is that the velcro on the sides opens up when breathing heavy or moving around, I added a piece of webbing around the back to keep it together. Most people don't mind it being lose I guess but I can't stand it. I think loose duty belts and in turn lose vest with all the crap on them are a key factor to "back pain".  We keep our radio, taser, baton and cuffs on the vest. 

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JeffM posted:
LawDogRD10 posted:

This is perfect, but I can't find anytying like it for sale anywhere.


No input regarding actual use, but that appears to be the Point Blank Endeavor, if that helps narrow down your search any.


That is the PB Endeavor. It is one of the plank holder vest carriers in the RSUC category. (Really Shitty Universal Carrier)

My department has issued them for going on three years. They sucked when we first got them,  PB's customer service sucked when we returned most of them for improper fit. It still sucked when we returned the "fixed" vest  carrierxsfor further fitment problems. And the basic design still sucked at the end of that process. 

They fly apart when engaged in a fight. They carry the panels almost 2" to low. They carry the plates 3" too low. They are nearly unadjustable for changes in girth.

Run away screaming.


I went with the Mayflower LPAAC on my own dime instead. It is pretty much awesome, and Mayflower/Velocity Systems is great to work with on customs mods to the LPAAC.

I have used the Mayflower LPAAC for 5 years. Love it. Tried the LAPD/Oregon City Vest and found the Mayflower to be more comfortable and easier to fit over my jacket when it gets cold. The LAPD/Oregon City requires it to be adjusted to fit over jackets. If that matters to you.

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Mayflower LPAAC. I'm a handler as well and am loving the carrier. I can slip plates in when needed and the swift clips are awesome. I've got several different swift clip placards depending what I'm going to be doing and can swap them out quickly. 

The Mayflower LPAC also works well. I've got several other guys in my unit running them. It's the same carrier as the LPAAC just with out all of the molle. The guys who use them like them and they are less likely to add a bunch of pouches and carry junk they don't need. 

There are 8 handlers in my unit and everyone is using a Mayflower carrier. 

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I've got one of the Oregon City carriers which I use at work.  In regards to wearing it over jackets/winter clothing - what I did was take some four inch elastic, double it up and made an elastic cummerbund which I attach the sides to. I put a piece of Velcro in the middle to keep it from sliding through the channel and Velcro on the ends to attach it to the wings. Allows enough flex for thicker clothing and activity. 

 I like the Mayflower carriers, but don't like the idea of their proprietary armor.  My Dept provides us with armor, so the Oregon City carrier is a better solution. If Mayflower would make it to fit my armor, and in Navy Blue, I might try to get my admin to approve it too. 

I have one of the GH Armor TRC carriers.  It's pretty comfortable, allowed ID panels front and back, good placement of pouches and such and fit soft armor and trauma panels (issued).  I did slide my plates in there (10x12") and they fit as well.  I was pretty happy with it...until I got fat and couldnt' fit in it any more.

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