I need to pick up a helmet to use in some upcoming classes (shoot house) . It won't be used for anything but training (and of course shtf) so spending big money for an opscore or team wendy are out (they're great but money could be better spent on training in my opinion ). I've looked at surplus ACH and that's a definite option. That said the Revision new isn't  much more (once I I change the suspension system).  Any input you have on them would be appreciated.  

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I have been using a Revision Viper A3 High Cut for about 2 years now, and it is a pretty decent alternative to a surplus ACH.  It is relatively light for its construction, and it compatible with almost all aftermarket pad/suspension systems.  I have the integral rail and NVG mount system that came with the Revision helmet, and i must say, if it's needed for your application, it is a very secure system.  It holds a set of NVGs securely with no rotation or wiggle and is very durable.  For the money, I would say it is a great purchase.  




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Was really looking forward to the release of the Revision Caiman Ballistic helmet.....until i just saw the price.  $1700, and that is the .gov/.mil/agency price.  Great looking piece of kit, but not at that price.  


Damn that is pricey. I wonder what they are providing that is "better" than the competition. I dont mind paying for gear, but there has to be a reason why to match the price. 


Not looking for a new helmet. Perfectly happy with my Mtek Flux.

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