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Federal Law Enforcement 00Buck, low recoil with the 'flight control wad'.  Shot great out of my 870 and didn't punish my shoulder too badly. 

It's the Federal LE13200.   9 pellet 00 buck.  Bought from SGAmmo or Bonefrog Gun Club.  I can't recall which.

Same results with the equivalent slug round.

I've killed nothing but cardboard with it, but very satisfied with it at the range.  Downside is that it is more expensive than a #7 or something from Walmart.

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I'd just go with the cheapest field loads of bird shot for practice. For tight patters at distance I've had good luck with the Fed low recoil flightcontrol 8 pellet load of 00 out of a cyl bore. The tree/brush line at the back of my house is 58yds and they still have a viable patter at that distance for coyotes. I keep Fiochii (?) 0 low recoil buck loads in my house gun to have some dispersion for inside.

Mark, the WM 100 round ( 4x 25 round boxes) of low base trap/skeet # 7 or 8  are fine for training. They run about $23.00 last time I checked. Good to try a couple of brands of low recoil to see what works best in the gun. I'll look and see what I have besides Fed low recoil 00 BK & slugs for you to try.  Once you narrow the field, pattern them at various ranges so you know what you and the load are capable of.


When I took Louis Awerbuck's shotgun course, we shot mostly birdshot. We shot some buck to see how it patterned out of our individual guns -- and the variation was remarkable. It'd be a worthwhile investment to buy 4 or 5 different buck loads to see which one patterns best in your gun. I used Winchester Ranger low recoil 00 buck, and they shot pretty softly and patterned nicely. We shot slugs at a steel gong at 50 yards, and at a few other point targets. I used Wolf slugs, and those suckers will loosen your fillings. So, birdshot for most things, buck to see how it patterns, and slugs for distance work.

bird shot for training until she gets good and comfortable with the shotgun. The LAST thing you want to do is make her recoil shy.

I might even suggest - if you have a pump-gun that will run it- the aguila mini-shells UNTIL she gets manipulation and technique in place and on point.

Then move her up to bulk 2-3/4" light trap loads. Let her make the move. Household harmony and the firing line are much better if mom doesn't have a should that looks like it was kicked by a horse.

I've been through several shotgun classes for experienced shotgunners and in each one the vast majority of the training was done with bird shot.

I'm not recoil sensitive by any means, and I have soaked up a lot of shotgun recoil - 500+ rounds in a day for several days- but I'm kinda abnormal...

As an example...

I used to shoot 5-10 rounds of skeet (25 birds each) on off-duty days at the Fort Irwin Sportsmans Club skeet complex with 3 1//2" magnum turkey loads in an 870 and not even have a reddened shoulder pocket.

Don't count on the lady being an efficient recoil sponge at the start.

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I'm completely sold on Federal Flitecontrol low recoil 9-pellet .00 ammunition (or it's Hornady equivalent). As a matter of fact, I changed out my Department to this same ammunition. In discussions with Dr. Roberts, it's good for at least 12-inches of ballistic gel at 50-yards. And I can keep 100% of the pellets on target at 50-yards.  As for slugs, there is simply no free lunch. I've been disappointed by all the low recoil offerings.  Please double check the ballistic tables to see what might fit your needs best. For me, I simply ended up with standard 1 oz Foster slug loads with Brenneke as my  premium ammo.

Reference slugs:
Rosco's Daddy, what has been your disappointment with low recoil slugs?

This is relevant to me- I have been given some carte blanche with the firearms program and have the opportunity to change brand, vendor, type etc.

I am focusing on TRUBall slugs and the various loading of 127, 132 and 133 Flite Control Buck. We did the range work with the buck rounds but I have not gotten TRUBall or other competing slugs in for final decision yet.

Whatever I do will set a precedent for a long time so I would like to get this right.

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