Have not seen anyone running a LWRCi anytime lately but it is still my go to a M6A2 SBR.  


Background: I have been a follower of the LWRCi since 2009 when Pat got me to test one of the M6A1 riles he was testing.  I bought a M6 standard and added a Daniel Defense Carbine rail.  a few years later added a M6A3 upper then a M6A2 SBR 12.7 upper then traded that to a 10.5 upper.  Later on I added a I bought a full M6-SL rifle because reasons.  I have been looking to add a Rail to a M6-SL because the barrel is light weight but trying to find a rail to keep the A2 front was getting fruitful.  Then I bought two Colts and added a 13 inch Gisselle rail made me start putting that on the backburner.  Well ended up wanting to consolidate ammo to .22lr, 9mm, 40sw, 5.56/.223, and .308.   Partly because I had one pistol that shot 45ACP left and it was a custom built 1911 that I never shot.  I bought ammo for it Winchester Rangers and HST with some other FMJ 45ACP and never shot it still reached for the Glock 19 or M9 if I felt like it.  For 4 months I have been trying to sell the 1911 first for $2200, then 2000, then lastly $1800 locally through the gun shop.  We put It on gunbroker in December three times with a min buy level of $1800 and it never reached past $850.  Well I was looking at just keeping it when a gentleman wanted to trade his New LWRCi M6-IC A2 towards a custom 1911 that my gunsmith builds, he pointed out my 1911 built buy another 1911 smith to him and said he would probably do a straight trade. 

On Friday I picked up a M6-ICA2 (non adjustable, I prefer this because I am do just think self regulating is better and soldier proof) and it was brand new in box, still had crap on it and cleaned it at the gunshop where I picked it up. 

Friday night went to Elite Shooting Sports and sighted it in with the LWRCi iron sights with Winchester 5.56.  This stuff is not sealed so I keep the M193 and use this stuff.  Took me a few rounds to sight in and then just blasted a little bit.  Recoil is not bad and I was okay with it.  I had not shot just irons in while and was enjoying it to shot 100 rounds out of it.  Used CLP because I it was free.    

The rail on this is a full quad rail not the screw in type  I prefer Pic Rail.  Mlok, keymod, screw in, something else to loose.  My ex had a screw in tube from Midwest and then all of a sudden lost the rails.  Found them three years later and well she never shot the AR anyway.  

It is not the spiral barrel.  It is their standard HBAR profile, I wish it was Spiral but it is what it is.  

I added a Inforce light to it.  The old 400 luman light with IR capability.  

Looking at either using my DBAL-I2 or a CQBL-1.  I am thinking the CQBL-1 might be the ticket since it is inline.  

Aimpoint Pro or a Aimpoint M4.  I have both but might put a Pro on here from one of my 4 SBRs that I do not use since my M6A2 and my KAC 11.5 SBRs is what I grab.  I have two others that just sit.  

I so far have no complaints but I have not ran it hard lets see 100 rounds.  Lighter recoil than on my M6A1 at the same length but the M6SL is lighter but it felt similar. 

Anyone else have used the LWRCi M6IC-A2?  Any issues with it that I need to look at?  

 Looking at running the Inforce unless I go to a M962v.  I have reservation going either way.  

Aimpont Pro or a CompM4.  I have an extra of each but Probably will just use a Aimpoint Pro.  

Vertical Grip, maybe maybe not.  

Stock, I do like the LWRCi stock.  

I was not expecting this, I was perfectly happy with my current stash of ARs.  

Any ideas is appreciated.

I am planning on taking a four day class in August if my leave is approved.  

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I think you'll be okay. LWRC was my first AR, I bought the original plain jane M6 and added a DD Omega Piston rail. It still runs hard.

I'm pretty disappointed they didn't enter the SBR 300 Blackout market and instead doubled down on 6.8 SPC, but the barriers of entry would have been very high to compete against the SIG Rattler, Q Honey Badger and all of the independent 300 Blackout weapons out there. 

Yup, and I agree. I think the LWRC stocks are my favorite, the B5 SOPMOD Bravo being a very close second.  

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