So the other day an elderly resident of town I know from past calls for service asked me to come by the house to get rid of some ammo she found left in a closet by her late husband.  She handed over a bag of shot shells and an some assorted pistol rounds.  Maybe 20 rounds total. No big deal, I'll just dump them off at the station armory in a destruction bucket (I don't shoot ammo unless I know it's origin).  So as I'm leaving she sees some junk of metal on the shelf and says I can have this paperweight her husband used to have on a workbench.   i took it knowing it was a gun part of some type and thanked her - expecting it to be a piece of junk.  

Once in my cruiser, I stopped to look at it and found it to be a bare Saginaw M1 carbine receiver.   Pretty cool paperweight!  So my mind is thinking - is this worth building into a carbine?  Is it relatively easy to find the parts needed to build it up?   I know absolutely nothing about M1 carbides so any advice would be helpful.   Thanks


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If it isn't demilled or shows an other obvious defect, I would gladly give you a shiny $20 bill for it!!!  It would be  RELATIVELY  easy to put one together.    Gun shows and such for the little pieces, barrels and trigger housings will be a shade tougher.  There are several places to get  parts.   If  you get into the paratrooper stuff  (actually an original stock)----I hope you have a thick wallet.   One thing to be careful with is remember- many of the copy M1Carbine parts do not fit.  Stick with USGI.   Either way- I would strongly advise-GO FOR IT!  

The best to find real GI carbine parts will be on the CMP website in the for sale section.

There are also a number of places that carry pretty much everything you need to build it, but prices can be steep. You will also need the correct barrel vise and receiver wrench. If you go with a new production  barrel, they come with the  headspacing short and you will need to finish ream the chamber.



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I have been into the carbine thing lately.  I have gotten a lot of parts on eBay for a lot less money than some of the specialist places.  If you're not hung up on matching everything, it's even easier. I just purchased a USGI replacement barrel from the 70's for $127. 

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Look to a guy named Bill Ricca, sells only USGI parts for various US military arms. Beware of s good amount of the stuff on eBay, since there are fakes being made in India and China.

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I've been looking for a GI Carbine for years and haven't found a decent one for under $700.  One guy brought in his dad's from the estate -- he was headed to California and didn't want it, and his kids were girls.  When he said $250 one of the other guys in the shop whipped out cash.      With a few repair parts needed that was a sweet deal.

Make sure you don't have a full-auto receiver with the happy switch -- the Feds kind of frown on that.

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