I have a Magpul Maglink in use on my dept. issued AR rifle.  For reference, link included,


At a recent qualification, Range staff brought up the following points regarding use of the maglink...I was told that they are discouraging their use due to input from a recent armorer course instructor-

1.)  The AR platform rifle was not designed to hold/carry the weight of 2 loaded 30 rnd. magazines eventually causing failure of the magazine catch and not being able to seat a magazine in the gun when reloading mags., eventually causing a magazine to not seat and fall free from the mag well.

2.)  The second coupled magazine, not seated, when firing from the seated/inserted magazine the top round/rounds on this second magazine will bounce around and stick out from the feed lips causing a malfunction when transitioning to this second magazine or chambering issue(s) when inserting this second mag. into the gun.

I had not heard of these issues....   All good points, the only issue I had experienced was that the top round on the second mag would bounce around sometimes during quals, easily remedied on the range, but not in a gunfight working with gross motor skills, I'm guessing (my experience here is with pistol only).  Secondly I've never been informed or experienced the weight issue in the mag catch mechanism. 

I've used this maglink for a while as well as quite a few in my agency.  My thoughts when it came out and purchased it were that it gave one an extra reload on the gun when deploying a long gun from a secured gun rack position from within a vehicle and working in and around vehicles.  Another alternative is a second rifle mag on the duty belt or vest carrier or maybe a stock pouch on the rifle itself.

My searching did not produce any similar information and please move the post if needed (for mods).  I thought I would throw this out to the masses here on LF for input, as it has definitely got me thinking on the issue.  Thanks and appreciate the input

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I have seen both of these issues firsthand, but #1 has actually been a result of stress to the magazine itself. I may have pictures still, somewhere. I will look around. The other factor to consider, that may exacerbate these issues, is how your rifle is mounted in the patrol vehicle. I agree that there is an added bonus to deploying a rifle with more ammunition. However, in my opinion, the current answer is either the Redi-Mag, or the 60-round mags from Surefire or Magpul.

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