I finished off a 2 new uppers the I had laying around and have the MagPul MOE Midlength hanguards on them. My question is I'm GTG with the sling attachment to the MagPul CTR/STR buttstocks (lacing & looping) I'm running but have no clue as to how to attach the VCAS to the front handguards. All the BFG VCAS slings have the plain jane ends no QDs or anything, also uppers don't have a M4 Slide sling point just the standard under barrel one. Thoughts or suggestions on this...sorry for the brain fart!

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There is also an MOE QD attachment, and I'm sure there are multiple other ways to attach the sling to their sling attachment loop.

I personally like having one end that I can detatch if I need the gun off "right now" and I haven't managed to break a paraclip yet.



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