So I think I've narrowed down this whole MARCH belt and thought I'd share my layout and brief description of contents. This piggy backs off my aid bag and gives me quicker access to supplies. If you haven't considered a MARCH belt, I hope this is somewhat helpful. Aid bag still carries my advanced stuff and diagnostic tools but now has a bit of room for sustainment items.  I know some other guys carry blood and warmers on their belt but that didn't work for me and frankly was too fucking heavy and bulky. This is definitely mission specific and I have about 5 other aid bags and waist packs depending on what I'm doing. 

This is a Gear Dynamics Modular Gun Belt system with assorted pouches.

L->R: multitool, M4 mag, "M" pouch, "A-R" pouch, IFAK, "C" pouch, frag, TQ

"M" pouch: 2x pressure dressings ("commando" style - 6in OALES stripped and stuffed with Combat Gauze), 2x z-fold kerlix

"A-R" pouch: 1x NPA, 1x cric kit, 1x suction, 2x 10ga NCD, 2x 14ga NCD, 4x chest seals

"C" pouch: 2x IV starter kits, 2x NS flush, 1x 20cc TXA flush, 1x EZ-IO

That's it. Again, I hope it was helpful for those considering it and didn't know where to start.



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No gat?

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Updated my kit - now I'm using a Tyr Medical Waist Pack (got it a month after using my other belt) - contents are more or less the same - missions are 1-3 days, mounted and dismounted. I can wear the waist pack in the truck (MATV, cushions removed, pack is great for lumbar support) and dismount with it. I also have a truck bag with more definitive care items as well as a fox litter and blood.  This bag goes everywhere with me. 

The bag is fairly large measuring 9x12.5x5 and comes with two removable internal pouches with windows (I dont use them). I added two First Spear on either side of the belt and two CAT trap TQ holders from OC Tactical.

Main pouch - plenty of space for pretty much anything you want. I've got drugs, 2 IV kits w/ lines, a 250ml bag, y-tubing, airway stuff, 9in peens, and drug admin (needles, syringes, etc).

Outer zipper pocket holds a phantom litter, casualty marking cards, and TCCC cards.

Bleeder kits - chito gauze, fancy xstat gauze, 2x packing kits w/combat gauze

Airway/Respiration kit - L-scope and tube, cric kit, 40cc syringe w/npa, 4 NCDs, 4 chest seals

Questions/comments? It's been a great bag - comfortable, everything is easily accessible, and can be worn with/without kit. 



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