Hey guys, any of you have any experience with Maritime CIRAS (FSBE) with side pocket? I am looking to add said SAPI but because of how the flap is cut, adding MOLLE pouch on the outside would put the SAPI too forward. I am talking to a custom shop to have the kit altered, but they don't guarantee work. I want to see what else are out there and what have you guys seen / experienced.


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This is a pretty old topic, but I was able to find someone in my local area (Springfield, VA) at PT Armors Inc. that was able do some simple work to my Maritime CIRAS. They were able to add a pocket on the inside of the side flap on the back side of the plate carrier.

I am pretty pleased with it, but I am gonna go back and ask them to put the side pocket on the front part of the carrier and closer to the center since I am not a big guy.

I've got more picture if anyone is interested.

PT Armor (http://www.ptarmor.com/) 866 331 2884, ask for Nora MacIntosh. Refer to the customer job for David Wong



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