I've had one since April and it is worth the money escpecially at this price. A 50% discount should not be passed up at all. Look at the MSRP of the standard Sharp Point Jacket: $275. Searching camping and hiking boards you will find rave reviews for the civie version and they are paying full price for their jacket.

The military jacket is very light and very water resistant. I have not been in a full downpour so I cannot say how long it will take to soak through.

Apparently Marmot made this jacket at the request of a government organization. I was introduced to this jacket when I met a bunch of government types who were issued the aforementioned jacket. When I contacted Marmot I was told the only color available at the time was black. I don't think Cabellas or REI had these jackets for sale at the time since my web searches turned up nothing.

If Marmot made the jacket in tan or some other color, the Marmot rep would not say and would not sell me one. Too bad, our loss. Marmot has great customer service and will ship your items out real fast if you ever order from them directly.
This was a custom order from the FBI's HRT unit, although "other governmental agencies" saw it and ordered some as well.
I have pics of the prototype pockets that my Marmot contact sent me during development. These are based on the sleeve pockets on flight suits. Both are bellows and the left side has pen pockets with a flap.

I've had one from the first batch and it is the first jacket I reach for. It wears incredibly well. Mine still looks new. The originals were embroidered with the US flag subdued in gray/black below the nape of the neck. I've had many compliments at work and in the streets. High CDI factor as well.
This is a GOOD deal. Less than what I got mine for.
Not to get off the subject, but how do the Beyond Tactical ColdFusion and Marmot compare ?

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Here's a link to the Marmot website with a full description of the regular Sharp Point jacket: http://marmot.com/products/product.php?cat=cloth&subcat=24&style_id=I8082

Click the link for Marmot's size chart. From my experience, their sizing is correct. I wear a large Sharp Point and Predator Jacket but a Medium DriClime. The difference in sizing is mainly due to what I plan on wearing beneath the jackets (layering or first line items).

If you have any doubt as to sizing call Marmot customer service and they will tell you the exact measurements of each item of clothing and will help you pick the right size based upon your measurements and intended use.

I noticed with the Fall 2006 lineup that Marmot is offering more green and brown colored items than in the past.

REI has a few larges and mediums left, at three of its California stores, according to the computer inventory. They will ship, if you call the store.

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Hi Saw,

Just got it the other day. Very nice. I would say the Marmot is the best layout so far of the softshells I've seen. The Biggest difference between the SORD and Sharpoint is the additional shoulder pocket and fabric is a little lighter than the SORD. Zippers are YKK on the Marmot, whereas the SORD uses some unknown brand that seems to stick alot from my experience(but not enough to passup on buying the jacket). But for the price its definitely worth it. Cabela's still has them in stock as far as I know. About 212.00 out the door with shipping.
I just called Cabelas to check on sizing. The girl was very friendly and said that all sizes were in stock. She said that sizes were true. Anyone got any info on how they run sizewise? I am short and thick and the size charts don't work good for me.
I'm 5'8" and average body and brought the medium and it fits fine with enough room for a light sweater or base layer underneath. Kinda like the SORD. They are probably true to size, but with room if your not thin or want layers is the only way I can describe it. Dog
I just tried my friends.

GG, the bicep pocket design is simply OUTSTANDING! I hope you got a patent for that.

Cut is definitely more generous, leaving room for layering. My Arcteryx Bravo has less room. The arm length on Marmot was shorter than my Bravo (Sorry, no measurements taken at the time).

I also observed some dislikes on Marmot:
The hand warmer pockets placed too low.
Arm pit zipper can be a double zipper
Needs better / bigger zipper pulls

Overall this is a nice softshell solution.
Yeah, definitely agree wit Teriyaki about the pockets. Would be nice if they were higher up. And the way the shoulder pockets are setup is the best I've seen of any shoftshell yet.

Only thing that I'm kinda disappointed about is that its made in thailand, whereas most of the tact softshells we talk about and I own on LF are made in their perspective countries.
...But that ain't gonna stop me from pimp'n it! Wink
Got mine a couple of weeks ago and am loving it (not literally!) Great fit and function. I ordered a second today (XL) from another REI out west. The store in Madison does have an XXL instock if someone is interested. You can call and they will ship for something like 10 or 12 bucks.

Is he down? Are there any others?

Got mine from Cabela's about 5 hours ago. Haven't worn it out yet but tried it on and I have to say it fits really well, no binding or tight spots, excellent range of motion and I like the layout. I will probably do a proper review when I get a little use out of it. It is supposed to get cold this weekend so we'll see how it holds up.

Does anyone know if this is being discontinued since it seems to only be found in the closeout sections of the stores mentioned?

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