I have ran across a 1911 for sale and admittedly I am not familiar with the oddities this particular pistol presents.   I haven't held it, only pictures at this point.

It is marked "United States Property " on the left front part of the frame. The frame appears to not be an A1 as it does not have the scallops behind the trigger.   Flat mainspring housing. Checkered grips. The frame looks blued, not parkerized. The serial number is #122XXX. There is a trigger shoe on the trigger, and the hammer doesn't quite look"right"- it looks just a shade longer and thinner than others I have owned/seen. (That might be the angle of the camera.)

 The slide is blued, and has what looks like a Bomar rib (with adjustable rear sight) mounted!  The rear of the ejection port has been ground down.  The slide is marked  "Government Model Colt Automatic .45" 

It is allegedly (ALLEGEDLY being the key word here) a Camp Perry pistol from the 50's.   Based on what I have tried to describe, Anyone know enough about this to say whether or not it could be a Camp Perry pistol?

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You might want to put the SN in here Colt serial number lookup,

that should give you a year.

I thought no scallops meant pre 1924?



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Sounds like a pre ‘24 frame and a slide that has been modified for bullseye shooting. If the slide is the same era as the frame it’s not “hardened”...Cool, but could run into issues if you actually want to shoot it a lot. Collector value is pretty much gone unless you can tie all the work to a particular well known builder. Also...PICS!!!

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