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I'm wanting to build a precision rifle using my vz24 8mm Mauser as the base. I'm trying to figure out if I should get it rechambered in .308 (8mm ammo is getting harder to find) and what is the best stock to get? I'm thinking of using a standard composite stock. And I want to upgrade the trigger. Any advice or information would be helpful. I want to use it for hunting and matches

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bell and carlson do at least 2 models of stock for the Mauser 98 . one is a more standard hunting shape the other is a bit more of a target/tac style stock.

both of these have aluminium bedding blocks that run full length.

Mcmillan do stocks for the mauser as well and would be a step up and i believe they have a couple of models in their section of models they keep stocked.

For detachable mag trigger guards Pacific tool and Gauge as well as CDI both make units.

There are heaps of different triggers out there including units from timney and other popular manufacturers, the issue will be if your rifle has a safety on the boult shroud. if it does you will need to replace it with an FN sporter style shroud and then get a trigger with a safety which is recommended anyway as the flag style safety will probably interfere with your scope.


also to add, if you want a standard BDL style hinged floorplate you can get hold of used Parker Hale floorplates , they come in steel and aluminium varieties.


if your interested in doing some of the work yourself, check out barrel offerings on brownells, there are some shilen and other brand barrels, of particular note is the Shilen pre fit 308 barrel in a #7 contour, chop it to 18" and i think you have a handy hunting rifle that will be more than capable out to some decent ranges.

I have done two Mauser's, one is a vz24 that is now a 35 Whelen with a ER Shaw barrel and a Bell and Carlson hunting stock. The other is a M48 in 308 with a match chamber the barrel is a take off Parker Hale barrel I got from SARCO a number of years ago, the stock is a cheaper composite stock that we modified and strengthened. The scope on the M48 is an old Redfield tactical with the two circles in the reticle large one for 100 yards smaller one for 200 yards. both rifle have the Timney triggers in them. They shoot great for my garage shop work. 

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