Hello all, a couple questions.

Who: CONUS civilian looking for armor for training classes/(whatever bad day acronym you want to use). 


1. Mayflower LPA/LPAAC still relevant or is there a better soft armor/plate carrier out there? -I know plate carriers are the new hotness, but I would prefer to have full coverage with soft armor, since most training classes and CONUS threats are pistol related.  

2. For rural CONUS use (large deer hunting population where I live in PA), is a level 4 HESCO (4800 plate) worth the added weight and thickness compared to an AT-ARMOR STOP-BZ which is rated up to M80 ball, but also stops M855A1? especially since I am already adding extra thickness with IIIA soft armor. 

3. In the next 5-10 years, do you feel M855A1 will be an increased CONUS threat?  Considering a lot of level 3 plates do not stop this. 

Thank you!

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Couple of quick thoughts....

.30-06 hunting rifles tend to have scopes on them.... Extrapolate from there...

Regarding m855a1... Who exactly do you plan on having shoot at you? I don't see that particular round showing up on the domestic market heavily in the future.... Might be wrong though...

After spending 18 plus years wearing this stuff ( armor for infantry stuff) I'll take lighter and faster over protected and turtle....however the lppac is one of the better full coverage vests if you want full soft coverage. 

As an aside.. We ( USMC) are going from our 3 hit SAPI to a lighter single hit plate for the weight savings under fire. Speed and cycle time keeps us alive in a assault, not the armor. Might be  different for a home defender who has to bunker or a SWAT guy in a doorway. But I still hold that manuever and speed  will almost always trump armor every thing  else considered.

As always my opinion is worth what you paid for it...

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