McCann MIRS Rail still available?

I’ve been searching here, and on the Web.  Is the McCann MIRS rail still in production ?  For the Remington Model 700 Short Action ?

I’ve received no response from the McCann website. 

I just need one. For a work rifle. 

Anyone have a National Stock Number for that item?MCann MIRS Rail


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The shop closed several years ago after Rich passed away.  I don't know if they are actually still in business. 

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I see them on occasion on

I'm always looking through their EE so I'll let you know if I see one.



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Ced72 posted:
FUBAR posted:

I have one in our inventory brother.  PM me and let me see what I can do.

Would you possibly have a MIRS Rail in your inventory for a Savage 110 long action ? 

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