Between my need for an EDC and my sure to be regrettable infatuation with karambits, I may have found the perfect balance of both.

I like Medford knives and this Burung is pretty badass.  Ti frame and D2 blade.  Because of the wharncliff blade, as opposed to a lot of other karambits, you can use this for other things instead of just getting your stab on.  The shape of the handle plus the blade makes it pretty dexterous for more mundane yet important chores such as slicing dried sausage and provolone cheese.   Really important chores.

The entire blade and frame are murdered out in the optional black PVD.  D2 will rust so this helps quite a bit.  The blade is perfectly centered, wicked sharp and runs on bearings.  While it looks like a flipper, unless you put your wrist into it, it is more of an assist.  It is of exceptional quality, with near perfect fit and finish.

As a bonus, few makers have packaging as nice as Medford.  The little Pelican case is a great touch.20190112_13133720190112_13135220190112_13163020190112_13164520190112_131656



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As reccomended in another Karambit thread... if you're going to carry one- GET A TRAINER unless you really like to bleed.

I've been looking at the Medford blades for a while now.. the look good and their rep is impossible to argue with.

I found a quote a while back about knife use...

"A knife should never be seen- only felt".

I'm really starting to like that thought....

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