I stopped in and checked out a local knife store a few days ago.  In my conversation with the counter guy, I asked him who made a super-duper-mega-whompass-uber-hardcore folding knife, now that Strider wasn't really going to be an option.  He instantly said he would like to see a Strider to see what all the fuss was about.  I told him I didn't have a Strider folder, but I had a few fixed blades I would be glad to bring in and show him.   Eventually, he told me he was going to be a dealer for "Medford" knives, and they built the gnarliest folder around that he knew of.  I told him I would be back in a few weeks to check them out.

  When I got home I did the google thing, and saw they offer a handful of different folders.   Anyone have one, or have any first-hand info on them?  

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Medford is indeed a maker of "over built " knives.  They are pretty damn imposing.  The quality is excellent.  Most blades are D2 but others are available as are various finishes.  The Preatorian series is the most famous.  The Ti model is crazy strong and huge and it their biggest folder.  There are many models below it that would suit any need you have.

I am a member of bladeforums.   Their knife exchange is awesome. Lots of deals to be had.    

No worries on Medfords my friend.



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Is there a reason why the "overbuilt" folders don't come with a half serrated blade? Is it a structural thing? I don't see a Medford one with a half serrated, and I don't think I ever saw a Strider folder that way.


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I own a bunch of Medfords. Praetorian G, General, Marauder, to name a few. Over built and well constructed. The use of titanium scales help keep the weight down. Clips are stiff and strong, and thus will take effort to clip the knife in your pocket, but then they won't bend or break unless you really want to.

To open some of the blades with a fuller with one hand requires a little practice. You need to reposition the knife in your hand so that your thumb can push out at the point end of the fuller, then follow the fuller to the pivot until the blade locks.

The Vulcan finishes range from "meh" to very cool, but you can't choose (when ordering from the factory) what you get. Best check out a distributor and see what blade options they have.

I think at least 90% of knife construction and finishing is all done in house. Maybe some of the coatings are outsourced. Edges are all hand ground and finished. Fine examples of American craftsmanship.

Check them out on Youtube. Channel is "Greg Medford". When they ready a batch of knives to be sent to a distributor they make a video showing the knives and provide the seller info.

Greg Medford is a good, honest guy. Outspoken and a bit opinionated but not in a bad way in my opinion. You can see his rants on some of his Youtube vids. I've met him a few times. You can feel his passion about knives and life in general. Also a great patriot.

You can order a customized knife from the factory, but be prepared for a long wait. I'm waiting on a couple knives ordered in Feb/Mar of 2016. And they aren't even custom.

Malpaso posted:

Is there a reason why the "overbuilt" folders don't come with a half serrated blade? Is it a structural thing? I don't see a Medford one with a half serrated, and I don't think I ever saw a Strider folder that way.

My personal opinion? Too much trouble. Especially if the blade is hand ground and sharpened.

I think some of the more robust/over built stuff from Benchmade have serrated options, like the Adamas. But that's a production knife and I imagine that's all machine ground.

I saw Medford's Praetorian folder online and thought that was a knife. Pretty heavy duty.  I was impressed.

Last year I got to handle one at a gun show. Over built and nice but I found it super uncomfortable in my hand.

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