Ok, I've been struggling to come up with a solution and I feel like I'm missing something. I've been running a modded (sewn in elastic) USMC issued fanny pack as my 1st line. I like that I can rotate it out of the way when I'm rucking, but it does flop around.

I've been using a Crye MRB lately at the range and love how solid it is and that it sits low on my hips, but I can't seem to find a spot on my belt that can fit my medic items and still allow mags of any sort, especially without interfering with a pistol or ruck (old school alice). I'm also a small guy, so I may just be limited in my PALS options.

Can anyone chime in on how they run their battle belt as a medic? I've seen MAJ Fisher's, but can't find the picture again. I have 2 weeks of OPFOR with the 11Bs that I'd love to test a setup out if I can figure it out or just keep my floppy fanny pack and not bother packing extra nylon.

Thanks in advance!

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What type of pants do you wear? Do you wear a plate carrier or a chest rig of some kind? 

I don’t keep any med stuff on my belt if I have a rucksack or aidbag on, with the exception of a sof-t wide  vertically banded behind my spare mags on the support side. I like the sub load pouches on the bottom of a plate carrier for some additional gear. In addition to that I carry a small drug box for in my right shoulder pocket. In my left shoulder pocket I carry a 6” ace wrap. In my thigh pockets  I have 2 combat gauze, a compressed kerlix and a set of gloves. 

With the above and the subload, I can do a lot before I have to get into my aidbag.

If your guys have stocked ifaks you should be able to work from that until you have time and opportunity to either get to your aidbag or other stashed gear.

If your fanny pack isn’t huge I’d just rock it on the front. Or you could roll like the brits and have a mid back ruck frame and belt kit around the waist.

I wear a Ronin Belt with my normal 1st line of pistol, pistol mags, rifle mag, IFAK, and TQ.  I use an Ares Gear fanny sack for immediate treatment, and carry a small bag (usually an M9 or the like) of other party favors for follow on treatment.  Any further treatment would be done at the trucks out of either a large bag or box full of long term stabilization equipment.

Long post made longer, in my experience, the more you try to crossload that stuff, the more problematic it can become.  If you are hamstrung to the ALICE, look into the older Ranger Medic handbooks. It provides a great breakdown on how to load the ALICE for medical operations.  If not, many of the smaller aidbags can hold plenty of short term equipment to stem the tide.


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what I’ve seen and cuurently do - build your mrb as a MARCH belt and ditch your other shit. Stow any extra stuff in a small back panel or beaver tail type bag.

Dont limit yourself to one “aid bag” - I have a ctoms assault  aid bag, a tyr medic waist pack, an m9, and the march belt plus truck bags etc...Each one serves a different role/mission. Plus, your guys have ifaks, and you should be able to handle many situations from that. 

My March belt looks like the CRO med belt. The big things you’ll need are your airway interventions, bvm, and drugs.

let your mission drive your gear. 



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Echoing all the above, I had a ATS Warbelt with med gear advanced airways, more invasive advanced equipment.  And I carried a ATS FFRB as my trauma bag and had my M9 for other stuff.  And I was doing dismounted patrols.

Later on my 2nd pump, I had my FFRB and my marauder as a sick call bag.  No war belt because I was mounted most of the time.

In the end, I carried too much stuff and reduced it and spread load some of the other things(IV bags) to my squad.  And I learned from many a medic here on LF.

Let the mission drive your gear.



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short: asses your mission and needs for MED gear and then look where and how to carry it


Personal opinion:

While rucking, I hate war/battle belt. I like moving load to hips, so gear gets on chest/sides. If you need fanny pack for your MED gear and it flops around, maybe for long movements move it into pack/ grab bag? Did this with TT FR/ATS FFRB- for movement it was in rucksack, when moving to objective it went around waist.

Belt- IF I have belt for DA/ whatever it have necessary combat related equipment, and IFAK. Everyone on team have IFAK. Initially I'll (or buddy, or injured guy himself) be working either from his IFAK or small pouch on my vest (quikclot, NCD, gloves,...). When in TFC/ appropriate work from aid bag.

For CQB/MOUT/mounted ops if you run dick flap it's nice real estate for medical gear as it's easily accesible while kneeling and not too heavy to make your dick hurt.

Fanny pack- just get small one for testing, and I might use it to move aid pouch from my vest/ dick flap. Want to keep it really light to not be annoyed by it if kept in front. Still not sure as most fanny packs have zipper opening, and for immediate hemcon shit I prefer one handed opening (i.e. one hand holds direct pressure on bleeder, other can open pouch/ package/ start packing wound with gauze...)

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So it seems from the replys I'm already running a good setup. I honestly have no complaints about the fanny pack, but was just looking for input since the belt is pretty nice for DA type training. 

I'm a little guy so I love the alice over the issued molle. The frame fits far better than I could ever get the molle one to. 

I do have a couple aid bags. I keep my MARCH in the M9 and some more advanced stuff like foley/chest tube/wound care stuff in the outside pockets of my ruck when dismounted. Otherwise I have a CTOMS bag set up as a critical care truck bag.

I can't believe I never thought of putting the fanny pack on the alice frame when rucking though. I even have room at the bottom that I can cinch it down good at!

Getting all my stuff swapped around though I did find that my old paraclete banger pouches store a CAT TQ perfectly! Way nicer than any of the dedicated TQ pouches I've tried so far.

I've recently switched to the fanny pack for use in the field at work and in daily life and I like it for a number of reasons, but it does have some limitations. If you're in a triage situation it's easy to hand off a fanny pack to someone else so you can focus on more severe problems, and if your fanny pack has loops or pockets inside to hold your equipment it will also help keep it organized. On the other hand, if you go down and someone needs to TCCC it up they can pop the fanny pack off your belt line to have better access to your nicely organized medical equipment. If you get casevaced they can just clip the fanny pack back onto your person so you have your medical gear with you when you go in an easily accessible location.

My favorite part though is how inconspicuous it is, I can carry an IFAK and a Glock 26 with a spare mag in a black fanny pack while I skateboard to the beach in board shorts and a tank top or go for a run and nobody gives me a second glance. It also works great for the car, you can leave it wrapped around the headrest. If you're concerned about one handed opening attach and oversized grab handle to the zipper.

My main gripe is access, it's nice to be able to fully clamshell open a med bag to have full access to everything. The counter argument here is that not opening fully will help prevent loss of items, so it's a preference type of situation.

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