I had a couple of pieces of gear for a while I'd like to share. The first is the MEGA slidelock charging handle


The handle is solid and the latch is spring loaded. I've been using it for about a year now and I'm pretty happy with it. It has not popped loose while shooing, the handle is large and easy to grasp. I used it for the one 3 gun match I got to last year and it worked great. I like it because it is about as simple as it can be.

 The other thing is a velocity 3# trigger. http://www.velocitytriggers.co...php?area=&id=1#a

It is a relatively inexpensive single stage trigger at $150. I've had this about 5-6 months now. Not as much trigger time as I'd like at this point, but so far I'm pretty happy. It is very light trigger pull, very crisp. I'm normally a fan of 2 stage triggers like the Gissele SSA and SSA-E. I bought this on a lark and have had a lot of fun with it.  Instal is very easy since it is a drop in set up. They make a flat bow model as well. I did not like that one. the bow is too narrow and the edges are too sharp.

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From the "What does not belong here" sticky...

You are about to recommend (or not) equipment to professionals.

Imagine your child is a police officer in an inner city or getting ready to go down range for the first time. He comes to you for advice. That is the standard for testing.

I post this not to discourage you from posting, but to encourage you to flesh out your review.  How many rounds fired with each part?  Any malfunctions?  Any measurable performance gains?  Are you using these for duty or hobby shooting?  What is your frame of reference (MIL, LE, competition shooter)?

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