I have a motorcycle.  Packing for a trip usually consists of taking the saddlebags off, cram stuff into them and remount the bags.  I have been looking for saddlebag liners, for lack of a better term, make this process a bit neater.  Having your bag latch break and all your stuff scattered of eight miles of interstate sucked for that guy.  At least with a bag, it would be in one piece.

BMW means Bring More Wallet and I wanted something that was a bit more flexible than a single use, purpose made saddlebag liner that costs more than $115, each.  

This caught my eye:

A mini aviator kit bag from Omaha's Surplus in Fort Worth, TX.  Did you have to look twice?  I  did. 

It is the same pattern as the parachute “A” bag, but smaller - 9″ x 11″ x 17″.  Which, coincidentally is about the same size as my saddle bags and much cooler looking than the custom made bags.   1000d nylon Cordura with a waterproof lining and double zipper.  Two inch nylon tape goes all the way around the bag for reinforcement and to make the carrying handles.  Available in green, black, coyote tan, ACU, BDU woodland, and green MARPAT.   $29.50 each + shipping.  

Throughout the years Lightfighters have been looking for a bag to carry equipment, uniforms, etc.  The mini aviator bag is the right size for a bailout bag, to carry a complete uniform with boots and toilet kit, or an active shooter kit in your car while having a generic look.  I got two and will probably get more.

https://www.omahas <DOT> com/shop/mini-aviator-bag








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Even if those don't fit right, that is a wicked simple design to have made up in the correct dimensions. We probably have several dozen on this board alone with the equipment to do it for you.

good find!

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That looks just like the bag our gas masks were in when I worked for the city. Ours were navy blue, though.

I have one or two and I used it as a secondary bag to carry my shit in around the world. They rocked!

I just may need to check them out and see. Thanks for sharing!




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