I'm trying to make my new Safariland 6365RDS holster compatible with my Surefire DG11 pressure switch. My old non RDS holster evidently had more room at the bottom, on this new one there is no room for the switch without modding it somehow to fit. Dremel, heat gun? Looking for ideas that would work well for a duty holster as I really like running the DG switch for my light



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There are a few good suggestions here. I used heat and Dremel on the holster then put some shrink tube on the switch. 



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Heat shrink on the switch is a must. Alternatively, a piece of skateboard tape over the bend in the switch works as well.

If you look inside the holster where the light would sit you will see that there is an overlap of holster material right where the switch needs to fit between the bottom of the trigger guard and the holster body. The trick is to remove some of that inside the holster portion of the overlapping material to make room for the DG switch.

I remove all the bolts and open the holster up so I can reverse the overlap, exposing the portion of the holster that I need to trim. I use a pair of tin snips and cut about 1/4”-1/3” wide strip about 2.5”-3” down what would be the inside section of the holster (but it’s now the outside since we reversed the overlap). I smooth it out using a razor blade and some sandpaper then re-assemble the holster. It works great and only takes about 10 minutes.

There is a little play if you are using the holster without the light, but otherwise, no issues. 

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If you contact Safariland, they are now making the holsters in the 7TS material for Glocks with pressure switches now.  This information is not widely known ( I had to provide the exact model numbers to my Atlantic Tactical rep, which is owned by Safariland, after she told me there was no such holsters) when I ordered 2 for my department.  Now I was just ordering standard variants of the ALS/SLS holsters, not the RDS versions.

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