This thread is overdue, it should've been posted as soon as this particular forum was established, but I dropped the ball. So in an effort to establish some ground rules I'm gonna break it down now.

1) The primary purpose of this thread is to discuss Tactical Precision Shooting with "long guns". This includes Military & Law Enforcement Sniping, Military Designated Marksman and to a lesser extent civilian precision shooting. This forum is a great place for the exchange of valuable info, there are numerous SME that grace these forums and post informative data here. We welcome them and encourage them to continue to share their wealth of knowledge with this community.

2) Topics that violate OPSEC or PERSEC will be deleted.

3) Let's all be professional and courtious whenever possible. The Moderators and Admins of these boards will lock any threads that are getting out of hand and ban anybody that acts like an ass.

4) Stay in your lane!! Posers will not be tolerated!! Do not post crap about what you've heard or read as gospel. We're only interested in what you've done!!

Anybody can feel free to PM me with questions about the rules. Enjoy and hunt smartly and safely.


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