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Kind of off the wall here, but does anyone have a recommendation on modern (nylon, MOLLE) pouches that would work for M1 Carbine mags?

I'm unaware of anything purpose built, but is anyone using anything 'off-label,' the same way 33-rnd Glock Mags are perfect in UMP pouches?

I was about to buy some repro canvas ones... but I'd like to see if theres a better mousetrap out there.

Oh, and I already have a working rig for my 16" Noveske; this is for 'just because.'
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About 7 years ago, BladeTech made me a couple kydex belt pouches for M1 Carbine magazines that I use to this day. They retain the magazines well and have held up nicely. I had to send them a magazine at the time to get the pouches made up, but their turn around was speedy and their pricing reasonable.

The old Black Hawk 2oz Duty Mace pouch (52DMP2BK) accommodates M1 Carbine magazines well if you happen to be able to find any.
Just ordered a stock pouch for my M1C. Pretty freakin excited. Thanks for all of the replys Thumbs Up

Two thumbs up for Olongapo Outfitters and thanks to the guys who posted about them. I ordered a M1 Carbine stock pouch also and it arrived today along with a new hat, which I didn't expect because I didn't look at that page on his site. Quality of the pouch is great, shipping was quick, and comms were perfect.

I emailed Jerry again yesterday about availability of the AR15 Grab & Go carriers. He responded last night and said he had just completed a large order for some in OD and had added 3 of them to the web site. I ordered one of those also and it shipped today. I'll definitely purchase from him again.

I have not personally verified this, so experiment at your own risk.

Received  word oft M-1 15-rd mag dimensions as being 4" Long X 1-7/8" Wide, and 3/4" thick. This being the case (check, of course), then there might be good news for M-1 Carbine owners using 15-rd steel mags.

Try this experiment: Obtain some MOLLE (USGI/USMC) 40 MM GRENADE POUCH (DOUBLE). NSN 8465-01-580-2763 (Multicam), or some 40 MM GRENADE POUCH (SINGLE) NSN 8465-01-580-2756 (Multicam) NSNs may vary for different colors/camos. Many different colors/camos available, and for dirt cheap. Even the grayish UCP camo pouches can be easily dyed. These pouches can be mounted on MOLLE/PALS platforms, belts (including GI pistol belt), and other platforms.

I made some measurements of the 40MM GRENADE POUCH, and it seems as though a 15-rd Carbine mag should fit, according to dimensions given to me.

The very similar 40 mm PYROTECHNIC POUCH (DOUBLE) is deeper than the grenade pouch, and less suitable for Carbine mags.

Not having a 15-rd Carbine mag in hand, I can't say, for certain, that the above pouches will work, so try the experiment at your own risk. Please report back!
 OTOH, I can say, for sure, that such pouches will contain M1 Garand 8-rd clips, either 7.62 NATO, or .30-'06.  The center bottom of the open-ended pouch needs to be stapled/riveted at the center bottom, and some closed-cell foam installed to raise the 7.62 clips for easy retrieval.
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I have; it's a good fit.  You can also fit them side-by-side in rifle tacos, but that's kinda wonky & sometimes both mags will come out when you draw one.

I almost did an LOL because you responded to an almost 8 year old post, but there have been fairly recent discussions of the M1 Carbine and what the hell, your info is useful.  If not so much for 2Sharp, who hasn't been around for a 8 months or so.

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