Modern Samurai Project McHenry Illinois Feb 18-19 2018

Its a short AAR. If you have questions just ask.

Modern Samurai Project: Red Dot Fundamentals and Performance

February 18-19 2018
Alpha Range McHenry Illinois
Primary: Scott Jedlinski  AI: Jim Dexter
I have shot in some indoor ranges, but in the last 10 years almost all of my shooting has been outdoors. I never liked the indoor ranges as they were all dirty with poor air quality and strange Echo sounds. If they had an air system it was either poor or loud. The Alpha Range was not what I expected. It was like a clubhouse. It was clean and safe with plenty of targets, steel, and other shooting aides. The members of this range should consider themselves lucky to have this facility.
I mentioned the instructor and assistant instructor were  Scott Jedlinski and Jim Dexter. This was my first class with these instructors. I had talked with Scott before the class and a little more with Jim. Scott was just like another dude on the range. No ego, no I'm better than you and can shoot awesome so pay me. Jim definitely has a passion for training and a true understanding of this topic. %100 of this training was paid for by me and not my Department and I would and will train with them again. 
I learned a ton more from the students. There were 20-22 students in the class. Half were Cops and the rest where regular earth people. Nothing wrong with the later. Everyone provided help where they could. I watched a lot of the shooters and how they shot. I watched how they drew the pistol, placement and extension of their arms, grip, etc.
Equipment: I used my Department issued Gen 4 Glock 17 9mm. I ran a Trijicon RMR 07 6.5 moa on a Raven Concealment Balor mount. I used Glock magazines and Federal American Eagle 147 grain training ammunition. We issue the Federal HST 147 grain and use the Federal AE for training so I decided to use the same training ammunition during this class. My holster was the Safariand 6354DO. Every Cop holster was the 6354DO except for one 6350DO. One Cop brought a fancy Serpa though. 
I am lucky that my PD is allowing me to carry a RDS equipped pistol. I am not allowed to mill the slide, but I think I have found a loophole. For me it was one of those ask for forgiveness instead of permission things and it worked out. If I can help in that I will, but contacting Jim Dexter is a better option. I really believe a RDS equipped pistol for Patrol/SWAT is a viable option. 
There are so many things that I learned from this class from body mechanics to shooting style to training both personal and group training. I now have a training map and a checklist that I put together from this class. Hopefully this map will get me back in a MSP class in the near future.
This wasn't news to me, but the importance was demonstrated in class. Everyone who has been shooting for a while knows that you are a Delta Ranger on your own home range when no one is watching and there is no time constraints. The minute you add an audience, one comprised of some talented shooters, and a time standard you really get a good measure of your abilities. The only way to improve is by doing this. Im still going to shoot by myself at times and take pictures of good groups for InstaFaceTwitterpage fame, but Im also going to pull that little blue beeper out of the box. 
If you asked me about IDPA or USPSA before this class I could have given you a good guess to what it was, but I really didn't know about it. I still don't quite get it, but I saw some accomplished shooters who participate in these sports. Im going to give it a go and if I like it good and if I don't no big deal. We did a small USPSA shoot at the end of TD#2 and I had fun. On the 4th or 5th target I had a mental explosion and remembered saying to myself "Im hitting these fucking targets". Im not going to lie I felt like John Wick for a moment.  

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I took a couple of classes at Alpha Range that Spartan Tactical Training Group did back in 2016. I was quite impressed by their facility.

This year's project is to become familiar with RDS on handguns. Last year I bought a Glock 34 9mm from a friend that has the slide cut for a Trijicon RMR.  I think I'm going to go with the 3.25 or 3.5 moa dot. I've shot a little bit with RDS on handguns, but not enough to feel remotely competent.

RDS on handguns is beginning to be an optional thing for LEOs around here. The technology may not be fully mature yet but it probably does represent the future.

I've heard good things about Modern Samurai Project as well.


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