I attended Scott’s Red Dot Pistol: Fundamentals and Performance 2 Day Course in Sycamore, GA , January 12-13 2019. I won’t go over every drill or exercise that we conducted and apologize to Scott for any mistakes in terminology etc due to little sleep prior to the class and during. I forgot to take notes during and was too tired to take notes that night which kind of screwed me. One of the hazards of being on night shift strikes again.

I used a Glock 17 with KE Arms slide, Trijicon RMR 06 type 1, Surefire X300U with DG switch. This is my approved duty gun. I wore my duty gear, which is mostly Safariland, using the 6378RDS holster. Mags were a mix of Magpul GL-17s or Glock 17 OEM with OEM +2 or Dawson +4 Extensions. Ammo used was Black Dot Ammo 115 gr. I shot approximately 800ish rounds trough the 2 day course.

Scott started with his history, an expanded safety brief and then asked what we wanted individually to get out of the class. Scott stressed throughout the class that this wasn’t a tactics course but a shooting course. We checked zero’s on 1” squares at 10Yards then went to work. Scott covered multiple subjects over the first day including grip, position, structure, etc. I won’t go over every drill we did as it wont help you. We conducted lots of mini-drills involving each step of the presentation. Scott was there coaching, good or bad which meant lots of personal attention. IE: I was having trouble getting consistence dot presentation with my draw. Scott watched and then made some suggestions which helped immensely.

The information was presented in a mostly understandable format, building on the basics if you will, although I’m still confused about Scott’s insistence on prophylactics. I kid I kid. Scott used some terms I can’t spell which have to do with body position and unconscious movements that we do.

Day 2 was more of the same. We reviewed the previous day and shot some drills. We did some drills on steel and then a mini-USPSA course. We finished by shooting Scotts standards and ended the day with an AAR. I’m sure we did more but my poor brain is toast. I found Scott to be a highly knowledgeable, well likeable instructor. He didn’t bull shit you. If you did well, he told you. If you did badly he told you, politely and without putting you down. Except when it’s funny. What does personality have to do with learning? A lot for me personally. An instructor has to not only impart knowledge but do so in a manner that keeps one focused on learning. Scott does that well. Scott gives credit to everyone who has helped him gain this knowledge to impart and that says a lot for character.

So, on a professional level, would I recommend this course for someone wanting to learn to use their red dot pistol better? Absolutely hands down no question about it. So much so that when my Agency finally gets to putting RMRs on our issue 19MOS’s, I’m going to work hard to get the city to budget for Scott to come conduct a transition course.

In the end my brain was fried and my trigger finger hurt. But I learned ALOT and it has made me more effective and efficient  with my Red Dot pistol.

Thanks to Tyler and crew for hosting and for the nice range.

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