One of the nice things about living in the Philippines is that you can find really great tailors that can make anything. So I had a pair of 511 pants and I took them to a tailor I had been using with some changes. Now I can't take credit for these ideas. I got most from Clint Emerson's book - 100 Deadly Skills.

I was finally able to et khaki velcro and rip stop cotton in descent colors.


So I took the pants in and removed the strap in the back, made the front left pocket on the leg bigger to carry my phone, the front pockets are deeper to carry a baton, and I had some areas reinforced that I noticed more wear on.

Now for the major changes. I had 3 pockets added on the inside waistband at 3,6, and 9 o'clock. These are for money and some tools. I do keep a small pocket knife in the 6 o'clock one.

In the 6 o'clock waist band itself is a hidden pocket that is velcro closed. I keep a ceramic razor blade and a handcuff key here.

In the flaps of the cargo pockets and and phone pocket on the left leg, the flaps contain a hidden velcro closed pocket.

The next version will add a pocket in the zipper flap and the cuff of the each leg.

I carry the following in the pants as kit:

  • 2 handcuff keys
  • small pocket knife
  • folding pick set
  • led button light
  • compass
  • ceramic razor blade
  • local money

I fully admit that I will likely never need these things, so it's a bit of fun. But 3 foreigners were kidnapped about 6 miles from here last year and 2 got their heads removed. So its not too far off base to be prepared.

Let the heckling commence hehe.

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I remember a discussion about mod'ing combat uniforms for SERE/E&E that was shut down due to OPSEC concerns. 

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The 5.11 Apex pants have some 'covert' pockets in the design (waistband channel for flexicuffs and two small flapped pockets, waistband and bottom of leg, for handcuff key or similar. They are my new favourite warm weather wear due to the comfort of the new material and leg pocket set-up, and the even newer Stonecutter pants are proving excellent so far for winter hiking wear.



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Thanks guys. Next time I'm stateside, Ill pick up a pair of the covert 511s and have them modified here.  We have several 511 stores here but pants are around $125. Even maxpedition clone bags are upwards $400. But i recently found a guy who makes custom bags for the Davao city Swat and other similar units that can make anything for good prices.

The reason I went with these 511s is honestly, I got used to the phone on my leg instead of in my pocket.  I'm one of those foreigners who refuses to dress like the locals. I'm already 6 1 and 230 pounds. Nothing I do will make me blend in so I won't dress like a slob. I don't untuck my shirt, I only wear pants and never any kind of flip flops.  But I can see the logic of going with more discreet pants. Especially venturing outside of the main city.

Thanks for the heads up guys

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