I am in need of a pouch that I can attach to the front of my chest rig to hold an iPhone 7 with pelican case. I have looked at all of my usual companies and not finding anything. I have played around with a Taco rifle pouch and it would work but isn’t perfect. Anybody else have any other ideas? 

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I use a First Spear admin pouch. May be a little much for you (it has a mag/flashlight pouch attached) but my iPhone in a life proof case fits right in and there is an extra pocket where I keep quick cuffs. 

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I am using a 20-round AR magazine taco for my cell phone.  I think it's an Uncle Mikes.  A 20 round mag is about the same size as a celly.









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When I had to have access to both my personal Samsung Galaxy S-III in an Otterbox Armor case (7.5 x 4.2 x 1.5 in), and an iPhone 4 in an Otterbox Defender for The Job, the two fit very well in an Eagle M14 double mag pouch.

You don't specify which Pelican you're using but the Pelican website says the dimensions for the "Protector" for iPhone 7 is 5.64 x 2.83 x 0.48 inches, so the M14 slot will likely be a sloppy, floppy fit.

Both mobile devices have been upgraded and the carriage solution is now a Juggernaut Case.

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Necro posting a lil here but the search function brought up the question I am searching for the answer to.  So I'll attempt to bring this m'fer back from the dead!

I'm currently running a BFG SR25 ten speed for my Galaxy S5 in an Otterbox Defender.  It's a little tight and pretty much requires 2 hands for re-holstering/insertion, so looking for a better solution.  Other than being real tight on the re-holster/insert, it's perfect.


Ordered the Emdom SVP and the iTACO.  I'll report back my results and I'm still open to other suggestions.  

Ordered the Emdom SVP and the iTACO.  I'll report back my results and I'm still open to other suggestions.  

I have been running an S7 and an S5 with an Otterbox Defender before that in the iTACO almost everyday for over 3 years without an issue.  In and out of the iTACO many times a day and have yet to replace the shockcord.

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Got the iTaco Large about a week ago and so far it fits the bill perfectly.  Enough slack from the shock cord on the sides to fit my Galaxy S5 with Otterbox Defender.  Just enough grip inside to hold it securely but not a PITA to holster/un-holster.  I'm just running it on my belt and have yet needed to move it my IOTV.  Great piece of kit, highly recommend!

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