I'd been eyeing up this good looking Mossberg 930 JM Pro for a few months, hearing nothing but good things about it. Didn't see any 500s on the racks, so when I was trading in some hand-me-down 870s, I ended up walking out of the shop with it. Oops.

The bad: It's a big gun. I'm a short dude. I looked into going the chop saw route, but for as much effort as it requires to not make it look like Bubba's plaything, I think it's better to just pick up a Mesa Tactical stock. Did I mention it's a big gun? The labeling wasn't great, I (and the clerk) thought it was the 9+1 model. It's not. This thing is 44.5 inches long. It's massive. How am I ever going to handle this indoors?

The good: I freaking love this thing. I've had it out just the once, but it's an absolute pleasure to shoot. I can't wait to shoot it again. It ran both low base and high, and the recoil was...well, barely even there.

But I'm just not at the point where I can be buying things just because they're fun toys. I'd really like a solid tactical shotgun that I can train on. But for as much as the stock + 18.5 barrel run, I'm pretty sure I'm back at 500 prices, on top of what I've already sunk into this gun. Is there a way to make this a workable tactical option? Or should I just sell it at a loss and get a solid pump with a short stock and 18.5 barrel?

Initial Google searches aren't terribly promising. Help me, LF. You're my only hope.

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What's the problem with the stock? 

There's an 18.5" barrel on Ebay for $100 right now.  My Rhythm (basically the same gun but 53.5" long) came with a mag cap, shorter spring, and "mag block" (wooden dowel) to make it legal for bird hunting and clay competitions - did yours?  If so, drop the $100 on the barrel and be done with it IMO.

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The 14.5 LOP is a little too long for me to readily get on the trigger. And I don't mind losing a little extra length. I can shoot normal stocks, but I find shorter to be a bit more comfortable. I normally bump my adjustable rifle stocks up by one notch.

I've got the barrel on my watch list right now, but I'm just wondering if I should really be throwing more and more money at this system.

I don't much care for tactical/pistol grip stocks on the Mossies because of the safety's location.

If you decide to go that route take a look at the Choate offering - semi-adjustable length of pull:


According to Choate, the 930/935 shotguns can not be shortened shorter than 13 3/4 inches because of the recoil spring tube that protrudes form the back of the receiver.

Also, someone has already asked the question here:



DLehr posted:

I don't much care for tactical/pistol grip stocks on the Mossies because of the safety's location. 

I totally understand. Unfortunately there isn't much game in town. The Choate and Mesa Tactical are pretty much it, though apparently Jerry Miculek is running a Maverick 88 stock on his - it's listed on his website, but no description, no details, and no blog posts or YouTube videos about it that I can see. It's either a chop saw or a pistol grip. 

That thread on shotgunworld is what I was basing my decision on. I could get the factory stock shortened up at work. But for what I'd be on buying machine time for cutting more threads, plus off the clock time on everything else, picking up the Mesa just seems like the more economical route, and lets me put the gun back to factory if I end up selling it.

A Maverick 88 is the cheap pump shutgum from Mossberg that is compatible with Model 500 barrels. It’s basically a Model 500 redesigned to be less expensive to manufacture.  If Miculek is running the stock from one on the 930/935 platform, it is likely that the stock interface to the receiver is the same. Fixed stock 500s run a long bolt through the stock to the rear of the receiver. If the stock interface is compatible, you probably just need the Maverick 88 stock and the right size bolt to connect it to the recoil spring  tube. It’s possibble that some internal mods might need to be made to the Maverick 88 stock but I wouldn’t know as I’ve never seen one disassembled.

One comment on the Maverick 88 - a big difference from the 500 is that the 88 has a crossbolt safety.   So the pistol grip is relevant for the 88.

Sorry for the drift on the 900 series, but wanted to point that out.


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I tossed the factory AR-style stock for my 590 (despite loving the variable LOP, and being a pretty CTR-heavy guy) from the safety issue. 

I went with the 12" LOP Hogue overmold. Works great. Hogue site horribly confusing to me so cannot tell if they make one that short for the 930. 

I bet not. If you haven't had it apart yet, 930s are a bit like FALs, in that the recoil system is in the stock. So... there's a solid limit to how short they go. I mean, I guess maybe you could really get all gunsmithy but it seems like a lot of work. 

I'd get it apart, see how much (if any!) room is between buttpad and recoil tube to start with. 

Previously I did home cut down, and it worked great, so if you can go a bit shorter but no one makes it, I'd suggest. Ask me more and I can walk through it if that will work out. 

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shoobe01 posted:

I guess maybe you could really get all gunsmithy but it seems like a lot of work. 


There is a lot of room to be had, but you need to cut threads further up the spring tube and do some other shenanigans. The Mesa stock comes with a sick little mall ninja sticker than can go in the garbage with the pistol gripped buttstock. But it also comes with a shorter tube and spring, which is the real value. It makes the prospect of putting your stock under a chopsaw that much easier, and is I think where it's going to end up. 

The recoil pad is pretty nice because you can just add cuts to the factory stock instead of worrying about chopping off too much of the screw holes for the factory recoil pad (which is still plenty good if you don't take too much off).

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