Hey guys, I'm on the fence between two ballistic helmets (personal purchase) and I'm hoping the experts here can help tip me one way or the other.

I have problems with the traditional "high cut" helmets, in that they push my Peltors slightly too low on my ears.  I'm looking for more clearance, and I initially thought the Ops Core SF Super High Cut (the successor to the "Maritime" model) would be my best bet.

But then I saw MTEK Flux helmets.  I really dig how they seem to "cup" the back of the wearer's head.  I suspect it will make NVG work much more comfy.  But I'm having a really hard time trying to figure out if I'll have the same low-ear-pro problems that I do with normal "high cut" helmets (for reference, my current helmet is a Hard Head Veterans Gen 1...I think the cut is roughly similar to the Ops Core XP).  Are Flux helmets cut as high as Ops Core Maritime/Super High Cut helmets?  Or are they similar to standard high cut/XP helmets?

Does anyone else who had my ear-pro-sits-too-low problem have any experience with the MTEK Flux helmet?  Did it solve your issue?  Or should I just go with the Ops Core SF Super High Cut (which I'm 95% sure *will* solve my issue)?

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Give a try to Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic SL. I'm using it with Peltor ComTac XP. It's really comfortable and fits right in the head. It may be even cheaper than others.

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Thanks MOHICAN for the input, don't expect a reply from the OP though, he got banned for ass-hattery of the highest order. 


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Mohican has solid advice.

For those with a similar question, sizing up one helmet size also helps with earpro fitment. It takes a certain amount of space for the head band. That can be achieved with a larger helmet, then shimming the helmet to correct fit with a pad kit like the Team Wendy Epic Air or similar.  Remember to position the pads so as to leave a channel for the head band to nest in.

I am guessing that the OP had not done that based on other comments.

Also, for the good of the community, Hard Head Veterans is not a reputable helmet source.  It is not duty grade,  nor is it appropriate for use in shoothouse classes or other serious applications.

Evaluations I have seen of the Hard Head Veteran helmets show significant and excessive backface deformation. If you wear the HHV, make peace with the fact that you may end up communicating exclusively   with crayons if you ever stop a bullet with your cheap, Chinese made Hard Head Veterans helmet.

Hard headed veterans is crap.

Flux is a good helmet, light weight and stable, but if I had to do it again, I’d get the Ops-Core FAST SF (wasn’t available at the time and Maritime was 12+ month backorder) purely because Ops Core has much better support equipment for the FAST. Right now in order to work the AMPs I’m about to pick up I have to have a buddy machine out a adapter. It’s better then it was when I first got it (preorder) but still not to many add ons for the flux that I like. Otherwise Flux is a great helmet, carries 31s well and with tail mounted comms it’s stable enough to do low impact work without the chin strap, I don’t have a gas mask extender for it so any time I’m in pro mask with it on no chin strap, ran LECTC1 like that and it stayed put.

runningwolf posted:

Hard headed veterans is crap.


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Is the OP more likely to be shot with JHP or FMJ?  That might help us give advice.











I apologize.  I’m an asshole of the highest order and simply couldn’t resist. 


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I would say most likely to get hepatitis by continuing to lick the windows on his special bus....

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By the way, what I like the most about Team Wendy is their R&D regarding head protection. A helmet is not just for ballistic protection, but more likely for TBI from bumps and blasts. For sure TW take that very seriously and that's their root and mission: better protect user head.

Maybe I'm biased to TW. I can't objectively talk about helmets without using every brand and model available, which I can't afford (gifts accepted). But just taking data available and comparing, TW is a great choice.

I have written a review weeks ago. It's in my mother language, Spanish, but if it helps in any way.


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so my helmet journey started with regular GI issue ACH style helmet to Opscore Carbon, Team wendy ballistic, Crye airframe and now to Opscore maritime that I am currently running.
I also tested 3M ULW and revision Caimen for a very limited time.

So all, in short, I also had the exactly the same earpro sitting too low and hurting my head problem, with the ACH so I tried Opscore carbon just for the sake of trying out ARC rail adapter for the Peltor.

with my wide head headband earpro no matter what i tried was uncomfortable.

Far as ARC rail adapters go, the Unity one worked best for me, the default 3M adapter was keep popping out with my wide Asian head.

The same story went for the Team wendy ballistic but I loved their CAM Fit and EPIC air pads.

With that ear pro situation, I got my hands on the maritime and ever since I loved it.

My recommendation would be definitely if you have to cash grab the Opscore for few reasons

1. Maritime/super high cut is the only beyond high cut profile at the moment(as far as i know)

2. ARC rail is the most common system out there, therefore most accessories are made for ARC rail but not always for the other systems like team wendy(that was my biggest problem with the team wendy helmet)

For you to have a comfortable relationship with the ear pro and the brain bucket, a helmet adapter is THE way. Yes it is pain in the ass to take it on and off, wire management is crap but at least you won't have to take your helmet off every hour to feel the top of your head.

Grab the SF super high cut 

if you can swap out the default strap to the team wendy cam fit strap. Grab 4D zero G deluxe pads and you are good.


Biggest upgrade that I felt that was worth the money was actually the zero G pads.


Also, team wendy strap sits little further back on your cheek so it is easier to open a mouth to full when the chin strap is sinched down tight.

Zero G pads are just godsends, it is far better than the epic air or the default opscore pads. 

PS1. 3M ULW, although does not have NIJ yet, it is extremely light. but the Shell profile is a bit weird and will not sit properly on my head. But at around the half the weight of the Opscore Maritime, and being closer to the bump helmet weight, it is worth considering.

PS2. Crye airframe is also great but as I am moving on to AMP as my Ear pro, I had to let go of my airframe. So for the people who are considering AMP, Airframe is a no go(for helmet mounting)

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