I already owned a rifle for each of my intended uses, hunting, range, HD, blah blah. Two years ago I decided I wanted to build a rifle from scratch with the intended purpose of being lightweight and simply.. badass. More or less, a conversation piece built with some wild looking parts that had some artistry in it. Some of the parts on this rifle were admittedly selected just because they fit that profile, but the guts are pretty much all BCM. The cerakote scheme was done by a Wizard, everything else pieced together by me on my bedroom floor. 

Pull no punches, this sort of shenanigans isn't for everyone. Enjoy.













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San Tan STT Billet Upper/Lower



Lantac Dragon


Ambi Gunfighter CH

Geissele SD3G

Battle Arms 45d Safety Seletor and Ti Pin Set

Executive Ordnance Steath Grip

MFT Minimalist

BCM H Buffer, Buffer Tube, End Plate, Spring, etc.

Aimpoint T2 on a Scalarworks LDM

I nixed irons and a light. No point in adding them to this one.

Prices won't mean a whole lot. I built this guy over a two year period and made a lot of purchases during Black Friday, 4th of July, and the like. 

..photos once I figure out how to get them up from photobucket. Piece of shit.

Rick R2 posted:

No third party hosting thru Photobucket until you pony up @ $400/ year for the privilege. 

You might try Imgur 

Looking forward to pix of your new pride n joy. 

Thank you for that, the next two hours would have been wasted. I'll be back..

Nice!  IMHO it needs a WML that “fits” the motif.   I know you don’t intend to actually go live with the rifle but something with multiple lenses / different colors ...

One of the drug unit guys (also SWAT) on my old department had one of those Mandalorian skull patches on his raid armor.  He’d love to have that rifle for additional effect.   But like a lot of drug guys he marches to a different drummer. 

I had an older scout light I could have donated to the project, but sold it to pay for that LDM mount and other odds and ends. That, and I tried to save weight wherever I could without screwing with low mass carriers and such. With an empty pmag and optic mounted it's just slightly north of 6lbs. 

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