My love/hate relationship with the Beretta 92 system

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I was going to refute a couple of your points and decided to make sure my information was correct.  Kind of correct, kind of wrong, not sure of the complete answer.  So far as I have been able to determine, there are no reported instances of the 92S, 92SB or 92F suffering from slide separations.  The re-design and fix were paid for by the Army and not by Beretta.  They found that approximately 20,000 slides had an incorrect level of Tellurium, which made them more brittle than intended and designed.  I have been unable to nail down the issue of the ammo used by the SEALs when the problem was initially reported.  I've read conflicting accounts that it was higher pressure than spec, but since the design at least was tested with proof loads, which are much higher pressure than spec ammo, that seems odd. 


Check out the GAO's report.

They have some of the serial numbers of the pistols that had slides crack.  There are other additional GAO reports that you can search for.


I'm either dead right, or horribly wrong. Either way the results should be entertaining.


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Thanks for the report!



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