My Safariland Rotating Hood gets hung up on the gun on my duty holster.

I bought the 6360 for my Springfield XD with TLR-1.  The holster has the SLS hood, the ALS and the Hood guard.


Well the rotating hood (strap) hits the corner of the rear of the slide and stops.  I can muscle it past, but it hangs up almost every time, so it's putting a glitch in my draw.


I tried heating the strap up and shaping it, but it's not the kind of plastic that holds a shape.  


I'm not sure where to go from there.  Any thoughts?

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I think I've got a non lightbearing Safariland laying around for a 5" XD...I can send it to you if you want to canabalize it for the hood? Are you authorized for ALS only? I just made the switch from the same setup you're running to an ALS only w hood guard and don't miss the extra layer of retention...PM me if you want the holster, I have no use for it.

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Silly question, but are you sure you've installed the light properly? Something's not allowing that weapon to seat properly in the holster so that the hood can be properly manipulated. I'd start there before carving things up. If it is properly installed, I'd contact Safariland.

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^ Really the answer if possible. I have small hands for my size, and the draw with both the SLS hood and the ALS was too slow. The move to make the hood go forward put me in a shitty position to hit the ALS release. I have a different holster that is ALS only and have no issues of that nature.

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My current, or rather previous holster is ALS only.  I wear it on a single strap leg panel with the flex adapter pulled all the way up.  The hood is about even with the belt.  I always felt that just the ALS seemed like not enough retention in a gun grab because it's lower on my body.

I can't go back to a belt mounted holster, so I figured when I went with the light, I'd go all out.  I've got a couple ideas on how to cannibalize a strap to make it work.  


DOUG, as for the draw and the shitty position.  I push the hood down and forward, and allow my thumb to follow it down, which makes the ALS lever contact my thumb just about in the middle.  My thumb is sort of parallel to the belt line, in a horizontal position.  I then sweep the thumb backwards and it isn't really my thumb tip that pulls the ALS, but the joint that sort of snags it.  I feel that a little stipling of the ALS will aid in this.  I look at it more of a gross motor skill that instead of trying to hit the little button with my thumb tip, I'm grabbing it with the whole thumb.  As I'm sure most of us do, I try to train with gross motor skills and stay away from fine motor skills.  I also have large hands and tend to "fat finger" everything.


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