OK, Boredom  Can Be productive some times....

Been wanting to try making a Trench Lighter, and today the right amount of boredom and motivation was mixed together, and this was created

A couple empty .50 cal casings along with and old 5.56 casing,  and a sacrificial Bic Lighter. 

FIRE....  Was released from what was a  small handful of brass.

The Snuffer cap was made from the neck of a .50 cal casing, along with the base.


The neck was Flared to go over, the business end of the Lighter and the two pieces were soldered together.



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Real nice.


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Outstanding!  If I tried that Malpaso would see the smoke plume at his place.



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Version 2, I like this one a bit better and kinda of what I originally  envision.


Same basic idea as the last one except the snuffer cap is just a cut down .50 casing. Added a piece of cheap gold plated chain to both of the lighters to retain the snuffer caps.


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