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David Reeves posted:

Thats a good looking Chefs knife.

You gonna make her a couple of companion blades to go with it?

Just curious...what did you do for edge geometry and heat treat on it?

Thank you!

Yessir, I got some 1/16" stock last go around and plan to make a paring knife and eventually a Nigiri knife and a Cleaver, the cleaver will probably come first as she grinds chickens for her cattery so it'll see tons of use. 

I ground the whole blade down to about 0.007" and then it got even thinner with hand sanding, I didn't measure it before sharpening but I'd guess it was around 0.005" before I set the edge.  I don't have any way of measuring edge angle, but it was about 10-15 degrees per side. It's 2" wide at the widest point, so it's basically a fricken laser beam. 

working on a custom Bowie idea for a potential client



got a shipment from Peters. A bunch of orders and a bunch to make. Tomorrow the work on these starts. 


I'm planning to do some steel testing 


I've got a small batch of .100” 3V running.


a sgian dubh ish I’m working on. This one in 3V


and I’ll be getting some of these in .250” 80crv2 soonish, I may order some spiked versions as well



Images (6)
  • 374BE9D0-8760-4D5A-A5BF-FFBC1E7AD11F
  • 1959F40D-DBCB-45C0-994F-054FCFBE234D
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  • 3C3CACEC-60D9-48ED-A118-CB4CE6A51CA3
  • 3C28E45E-1C7E-46C2-A818-7C0389B1CB4C
  • E642A619-5C95-407E-BCEE-5561D3CCDEDA
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fixit69 posted:

Chefs knife looks very good and am waiting to see the clever and the bowie. Overall, good work sir.

Oh yea, forgot to say, more beard on that axe and I like your spike idea so I can get my Viking on. 

While I like where your head's at, I don't believe there is any evidence of Vikings using spiked axes.... Unfortunately. 

But I'll be ordering some with a spike anyways! 

a pocket puukko commission 

and an M27 commission 





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  • 9AF083EC-5334-42AC-884B-D0737698BD94
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Here’s some of the stuff I’m working on currently, I should have some of these available this week 


A pocket puukko and two larger versions


Some 3V stuff 



Working on my free hand grind 


experimenting with finishes 

I may have left this one too long!!! I feel like this is the start of a sci-fi movie


I hate making stuff that’s only used to make stuff, but sometimes it’s necessary. I put together this big ol tool rest for grinding 


hatchets are in


GT40 Gulf livery anyone? 



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  • 890ACC41-3233-4BF4-ABF4-5DF8FDE71DAD
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  • 085795F9-CCC8-4C25-9C31-42A485CE3551
  • E7D042AD-8861-46CC-8A5F-98BB4A1113E6
  • 1075F062-0998-4E56-AFD5-68B5F58900C4
  • AC629B85-E2C4-4576-8C42-60F6E6042569
  • B0F5AE74-253B-40D2-ABE8-59CCDE4726FF
  • 6E0A62C6-2B9A-4701-9C66-8D9D4BE92A79
  • 1934D2FD-552D-4B6A-A460-9B465EBA5A3D
  • E46C949C-01A5-4F06-9458-62C731D0FEF4
senorlechero posted:
Tryptyk posted:

That last photo reminds me of a Halloran STX, in a very good way. Seems like a mean little blade.

That’s quite a compliment! He’s a very talented dude. 

just finished this one for the esteemed @Community Member 


and this one another lightfighter claimed 


We are going to have to talk when I get some cash stashed about the latter stabby.

Kinda digging that vibe. What the stock thickness?

fixit69 posted:
senorlechero posted:
Tryptyk posted:

That last photo reminds me of a Halloran STX, in a very good way. Seems like a mean little blade.

That’s quite a compliment! He’s a very talented dude. 

We are going to have to talk when I get some cash stashed about the latter stabby.

Kinda digging that vibe. What the stock thickness?

Works for me! 
the top on for @Community Member was 0.145” CPM3V and the bottom went to @Community Member and is 0.110” A2 

CPM3V, natural canvas micarta and desert ironwood. I’ll pretty much always use a liner material when doing natural handle scales and it helps stabilize the natural material. Even desert ironwood will move around a bit. 


toxic green and blaze orange anyone? 


this is a new one for me. sgian dubh influenced. 


I heard this one called a shankanto 🤣


here’s a couple variations on my pocket puukko. Both have a longer handle and the orange one is wider with a longer blade as well. 



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  • 63030869-7CDB-4296-A0B7-0D03467FD6CB
  • 59BEDB49-90A4-41D7-ABCB-53244BF38ED0
  • 63A383C5-4E4E-495A-AEA5-D5A32243BCDB
  • 0D987EE7-F93E-48A1-AF54-C302261AF568
  • F36C6DCF-8026-4706-A105-E4A08CB31BBD
  • 83074D5B-8CC5-4895-8597-EA8DEDEAC7FB
  • 8B59972F-59D8-47CF-AD28-ED8DB7F35B4D
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