Hello all. I have been through every conceivable assault pack I can reference and have settled on the MR 3DAP. I have had it for about 6 months and I have three main issues. First, I cannot get it adjusted properly to be comfortable no matter how many times I reference the company's videos and guides to adjustment. Maybe my torso is too long, but I doubt it. I sized myself properly as per their website for which yoke I need. Second, the main zippers are fraying where they are sewn into the actual zipper nylon not the pack itself. Also the waterproofing seal is nearly gone on all zippers and is seperating. Last, the carrying handle is starti g to show loose stitches, although none have popped so it seems. I could turn the pack in for repairs but my main concern is the fit. How does my LBT1476 feel infinitely more comfortable on a plate carrier or slick? The only reason I keep using the MR is because of how much I spent on it and its better organization. For reference I use the pack as a egress kit while crewing helicopters and to hold all my daily shit while flying or just day to day. I also run with it daily for PT. I am quite rough on all of my gear. Thank you in advance for your input gents.

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Probably a stupid question, but have you contacted MR?  Some of those might be known issues.  Also, did you buy it directly from MR?  I think there are fakes out there, and certainly are with some Arc'teryx packs.  FWIW, I have a Med./Med. MR 3DAP that has not given me any problems like what you're describing, so I'm interested in how this gets resolved.

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Thanks for the reply. Yeah I bought it directly from their site. Ill post pics to show what I mean as far as the zippers starting to come apart. My next step was to contact them. I am a bit hesitant becuase I am currently deployed and dont want to have to ship it back right now. I do have my LBT pack as a backup though so I may just do that. I just wanted to get you guy's opinions first.


I'd certainly contact them. Most of these makers understand deployed, will work with you to get a replacement or whatever so you aren't without. But at least your claim is in early, so that may help when you get back if they won't just send a replacement before etc. 

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Yeah, I should soon. I just switched all of my trash over to my lbt to fly. I could deal with the zippers and stitching issues because I know they will fix it. What bothers me is how awful it carries on my plate carrier. If I cant seem to adjust it right, it doesnt matter how well its built. It crushes my shoulders on the 1/8 mile walk to the bird. Yes, I have a lot of weight in it and our flight vests are horrible plate carriers but with my lbt I can barely tell I have any weight on me. Its a huge difference. Not to mention how difficult it is to don and doff due to the narrow arm hole on the straps.

Contact Mystery Ranch.

The guys there will certainly help you set up the pack to get the most out of it.

There are three dudes whose job is just this. Jason was real squared away when I went there.

And they will get the pack made right for you. My dealings with MR have been solid.

Hmmm, yeah you are hard on your gear.  Working in & out of helos, PT, and yeah, the wear is showing.  I have not found MR to be any less durable than any other brand, so I don't know if it's just them.  Any mfg has had failures before, either in materials or labor.  It happens.  So yeah concerning this issue, I'd definitely contact them and see what they can do for ya.

As far as fit goes, that another kettle of fish.  Pack fitting is such a subjective affair.  Some times one brand just doesn't fit, ya, regardless of how good it is for everybody else.  If the LBT works for ya, but the MR doesn't, well there's the short answer.  The long one would be to explain the differences in how the packs and suspension are set up, and what your lumbar measurements are, not to mention how BA changes everything.

I will say that I don't think the Futura yoke works very well with BA, hence your issue there.   

As far as cost, or in this case eating the cost of a pack that doesn't work for ya.  That's a painful experience we all go through, some more than most.

What to do.  Well, first get the thing repaired if it all possible.  Then if it still doesn't work, sell it off, for whatever you can get.  If getting it repaired is cost prohibitive, then cut your loses where they're at, and move on to something else.  Sell as is, for whatever you can get.

Obviously MR makes a lot of packs, and most work reasonably well, so you may be in a corner of the performance envelope, where fit and durability are not good.  

My gut reaction in reading your post, and looking at your pics is that yes, you probably have some kind of fit issue, that getting the right pack will probably solve, but you are also hard on gear, so whatever you chose may very well have the same wear patterns.  So yeah maybe LBT is for you, and figure on accelerated replacement schedule for your gear.  Realize the vast majority of stuff made never comes close to your use schedule.       

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Thanks for all of the responses. I am truly not sure what to do. Maybe get the MR repaired and get their advice for a better fit. I know its not a quality issue. I have had my zippers come off track of the LBT pack on a couple occassions (it happened today as a matter of fact) but they are self healing and I zip it hard and it gets back on track. I literally cant win with packs. I have had kifaru too and it also fits poorly. It seems that MR and kifaru are made to carry lower, but that doesnt work for my comfort (I have a long torso and like to wear packs fairly high) or with the flight vest with plates so I cant use waist belts. I could barely put my arm through the straps  and they cut into the armpits too much similar to my MR. I have also had a few tactical tailor packs as well and most of their issues is no frame availabilty so they sag horribly and end up carrying porrly as well. Yes I am very picky. I have attempted to make frames with only mediocre results. I have probably had every decent us made assualt pack around 2000 cuin. The ATS raid 2 was decent but the straps are a bit thin for non PC use, and its a real pain in the ass to find anything in that pack especially at night on goggles. It has even less organization than the LBT. I will probably figure out a way to send off the MR and use the LBT for now. Thank you all for the help.

Not to step on a MR thread, but, I would be curious as to how a DG-3 frameset might fit on your ass.  PM me with your AO, if you want, and see if we might be able to link up.   Normally out of NC/SC/GA area and will be in DC in Oct (AUSA), and Vegas for SHOT Show.  Also getting rucks to Max (MVT in WVA) and Mosby (Mt Guerilla in ID) for testing so if you attend a class with them, you might be able to try one.

I can't guarantee you won't tear our bag up as well, but it might fit you better, especially with BA.      

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That's pretty cool.  I think you are putting it through some legit hard use so it's nice to see mfg step up like that.  But if you ever meet these guys, at a show or whatever, I'd definitely see what they say about fit and what not.  


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New update. I just got the new pack with larger yoke. They sent me one with the straps modified with qr buckles and a whole additional yoke for free. Amazing service. It fits better for sure and I will test it hard later today. Hopefully it doesnt have any issues in 6 months. Thanks for all of the replies and help.

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