Looking for a 'raid' style jacket. I got the traditional cheepo nylon shell with poly liner POS my dept. issued, but it's not making the cut.

I'm thinking of something with either a nylon shell (possibly something that accepts a removable liner), or maybe a nice fleece jacket.

For identification, I'm thinking something with velcro for id tabs on front and back. If not, I'll settle for those pull out nylon id panels, or even something with POLICE printed on the front and back.

Zipper front, with a decent amount of pockets. Black or dark blue in color.

Doesn't have to be a secret-squirrel covert jacket, I just need something more subtle than the traditional patrol jacket for plain clothes work.

Any good recommendations that meet at least some of my requirements?
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Can I make a suggestion?

Browse WalMart. Especially thier outerwear. It doesn't cost Eleventy-bazillion dollars, have the latest/coolest High-Speed logo on it in some subdued color, but you won't cry win it gets ripped, you can usually upgrade whatever H2O-proof/resistance it has with some good waterproofing-spray from Cabela's, and you can have your stitch-gal do it up right with velcro. For the price of an Underarmour, or even 5.11 jacket, you could get noth a moderate climate jacket, probably some sort of lightweight ripstop or work jacket, and a cold weather/foul weather jacket with a shell and fleece lined, all in the same color, some waterproofing, stitch on the loop panels and still have moolah left over for some really good gloves and the rest towards good footwear.

Just my $0.02

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5.11 makes just what you're looking for; front and back have drop down panels that can be screenprinted or have patches sewn on. Jacket is less than $60 ...

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Back in the day there was a company out of Texas that took a nylon shell silkscreened "Police" on the back from and down the arms, in reflective ink.

Looked like a great piece of equipment, it would keep you ID'd and thats about it. Not warm or dry but plainlt ID'd even when covering down with a firearm, just about 360 degrees.
But alas I did not buy one.

The 5.11 is great but one minor problem. The City bought em. Now, alot of our Detectives are in a uniform of sorts, blue members only looking jacket.

If you are picking it up as a one of, it shold work but is a gas to see several plainclothes folks in "uniform". I realize the ID issue is taken care of but the when roling around in plainclothes it is a goof.

Hidden Agenda is anoyjer line that makes a similar jacket and has one that "appears to be a jean jacket before the ID flaps are pulled down.

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