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I've been on the ' never EO Tech ' train for years.  Even before all the shenanigans became public but recently I've picked up Two XPS3'S specificly for use on two "night" guns. EO techs just work better for me than any other optic under both my personal Sentinals and my issued PVS 31's ( being in a unit with a bunch of test gear from MARCORSYSCOM is pretty awesome by the way...).

I tried my Aimpoints and various LPVO'S and they both work but not as quickly and with as much forgiveness as the EO tech design.... Hurts my soul a bit to admit...  

I'm stuck with the ACOG on my work gun until the SCO lvpo's show up but on two personally owned SBR's I've mounted up EO Techs in place of Aimpoints....  primary aiming devices on all three guns at night are the PEQ's and DBALs on the rifles but zero IR Emission is something I think we will paying more attention to in the coming days.... Thus my desire to be able to aim under NODs with the primary day sights as well.

Just my opinion and all, but I feel it is a valid reason for the continued popularity of these sights amongst shooters who would likely chose other options if not for night fighting...

BadMonkey130U posted:

The question that you should be asking is do you really want to support a company that knowingly furnished faulty equipment to the US military and covered up that fact for years,

I get it, but I'm in between.  I'm blessed that the plain dot always worked better for me than the busy-ness (my eye's opinion) of the EoTech reticle.  After my team had thermal drift on a few sights and the ensuing L3 shenanigans, it was easy for me to say "fuck them".  But, a lot of high speed dudes still sport EoTechs... if they can forgive, then so can I.  I've seen marriages survive cheating.

I truly believe that you need to use whatever equipment best aids you *** personally *** in accomplishing your job to include Team Wendy helmets.

But, as you were alluding to, you're still giving money to a company that said "fuck them" to you first.

Well, yeah, same deal here; I said fuck EOTech and went on my merry way with other stuff.  But.  I have a new model and it does work very well, for the intended purpose.

The issue of EOTech being douches.  Yeah that is something you have to decide about.  I am still very bitter about colt fucking up the original M-16's in Vietnam, and then neutering them for sell to the unwashed masses.  That's ancient history for most of you but still a sore point for me.  If I didn't have other choices, would I now pick it up and use it?  Yeah, I would.  If I didn't have other choices, would I use an EOTech now?  Yes, I would.   In fact I do.

Right now, I think the new EOTechs are the best RDS for use with NV in passive mode.  If this is an important issue for you, then I would consider it.  If at some point in time, Vortex, Holosun, etc. come out with a better sight, then I would consider it, too.   OMG Chinese goods.  Almost as bad as EOTech.  

At some point,  we each have to decide if taking a stand is more important than actual mission requirements.  I think that just about any vendor may have been guilty of mis-conduct, to one degree or another.  So throwing a rock at one, and embracing the other may be close to an exercise in futility.  Use the gear because it's the best available for you, not as a fashion statement, and/or perceived support of any one vendor.  We don't have to "virtue signal" each other, like the communists do.  

I think, realistically, it's virtually impossible to boycott all guilty parties here.  You would be reduced to sub-par weapons and equipment.  Your conscience might be clean, but you will probably get your ass kicked.  Just like some idiot espousing "green" philosophy would actually need to turn off their air conditioning and heating,  sell all internal combustion engines, ride a bicycle everywhere, and subsist on local gardening.  We all know that's all not gonna happen, and so freely laugh at their bullshit.  

For me it is much the same with EOTech.  If we become too zealous in this regard, we only end up hurting ourselves and/or looking like fools, rather than accomplishing anything.   

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