New for 2016: Magpul Hunter 700 Long Action Stock

Following the groundbreaking Hunter 700 and Hunter X-22 rifle stocks, the Hunter 700 LA is a full-featured rifle stock for Remington 700 long action pattern rifles. Featuring durable polymer construction, a cast A380 aluminum V-block for precise bedding, M-LOK slots for accessory mounting, adjustable length of pull and comb height, and a non-slip rubber butted for comfort and performance, the Hunter 700 LA offers unparalleled value and performance for the hunter or recreational shooter. Also accepts the Magpul Bolt Action Magazine Well LA and PMAG 5 AC LA for detachable magazine capability.

Compatible with Remington 700 Long Actions, this stock requires no bedding and is a true “drop-in” solution for the end user*. This stock is also M-LOK compatible to accept a broad range of accessories.

*NOTE: Fits right-hand receivers only. All blind floorplate ADL models will require current factory Remington hinged bottom metal .
Since factory action mounting screws can come in a variety of lengths, grinding to length or utilizing longer replacements may be necessary to optimize fit with the Hunter 700 LA.

* Compatible with standard Remington 700 pattern long action rifles with stock Remington hinged floorplates*

* Reinforced polymer shell with Type III hard anodized, machine finished, A380 cast aluminum V-bedding block

* Accepts ALL factory Remington barrels including aftermarket profiles up to a Medium Palma (0.920" dia. 5.50" forward of the breech)

* Tapered Beam design provides good rigidity through forend and will free-float compatible barrels

* 60 degree grip angle from bore axis

* Adjustable LOP from 13.0”-15.0” with included 0.50” Spacers

* Rubber recoil butt-pad included and optional OEM Butt-Pad Adapter available for use with aftermarket pads

* Optional High Cheek Riser Kit with 0.50" and 0.75" Risers to adjust cheek weld (Stock comes pre-fitted with 0.25" Riser)

* Accepts factory and most aftermarket triggers

* M-LOK™ slots on forend sides and bottom for a wide variety of accessory and sling mounting options

* Three dimpled drill points to install optional standard swivel studs (#10-32 x 3/8” long dome stud)

* Push-button QD swivel compatibility in rear with optional Sling Mount Kits

* Left and Right rear 1-1/4” Footman’s Loops

Learn more at Magpul Hunter 700 LA Stock

Made in U.S.A.

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Thanks for the heads up.  Looks like a year for the LA bottom mag / metal to roll out for my Gen 2  R700 model 85197 in 5R 300WM factory black cerkote .   I'm still waiting for the 10 round mags on the Hunter Short Action due at the same time ... 

Magpuls move out of Colorado moved products (and quality I think) far out into the future

IN NEED OF A GUN WHEN I CAN'T reach for 911 

We appreciate the continued interest in our products.  The PMAG 10 AC has been going through testing and will be out soon.  Time frames are quoted according to best estimates but sometimes those dates are adjusted according to testing results.  We could cut some corners to get product to market sooner but that's now how we got to where we are.

dudedad posted:

[...]I'm still waiting for the 10 round mags on the Hunter Short Action [...]

A next-best-thing solution- Ruger Gunsite Scout mags fit the magwell, they're apparently close enough in dimensions to AICS mags. Straight out of the box, they don't feed real well in mine (700AAC-SD). I compared the Magpul and Ruger mags side-by-side and found that the top round sits slightly nose up in the Magpul product. I filed the feed lips in the Ruger so that they now taper and are thinner in the front. This allows the round to sit more nose-up, like the Magpul, and it feeds much better. 

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