I decided before the last deployment that I was going to get a Randall knife. And I did...a No.1 7" thru their military sales program. Got the knife is less than 3 months!

Any suggestions for what knife to get next time?


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Are you going to use that for daily chores?. I'm a randall collector and retired military. I carried a Randall M-14 on deployments, it was given to me by my father when I joined. Randalls used to be status symbols with some of the SF guys years back, along with a rolex. Good blades. I have carried other customs during the years I was in. I guess it's all what you want to use. Randalls can be nice to pass on from one generation to the next. Take care.
A midsize Strider? Maybe one of the Grayman knives?


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The day in, day out knife that stayed on my gear was a Glock M81 in tan that a really nice Glock rep sent me when he heard I'd gotten back into the Army.

I'm thinking the knife I get will be a EDC, everything knife. Will be a fixed blade, probably about a 5" blade. Been looking at the Greyman knife line and those are probably just what I'm looking for...decisions, decisions...
i have never had to put my life on the line, like most of you folks do daily. i won't try to tell you this is better than that.

the Graymans are great knives. very tough. not for everyone. depending on your tastes and what you want out of a knife i would say :strider, grayman, ken brock, maybe the new buck/simonich knife.... one of the RTAK knives... Ranger knives....

none of these knives are similiar to the Glock fixed blade.... and i'm not much of a randall expert...
Honestly you would be hard pressed to beat the Bill Harsey combat knives. Like the Harsey-Reeve Green Beret or 1st SF Pacific knife.

I had Randall #1 but on advise from family friends who were SF troops in Vietnam, put the Randall in the footlocker and bought a high quality production knife. I found a WW2 PAL Mk 2 that fit the bill.

Hope this helps. CoolSgt P.
the trident/crusader forge knives are very brutish. but to me the create hot spots on the hand and are not comfortable. very very blocky. and from what i hear, customer service is NONEXSISTANT. if something goes wrong, good luck!!

harsey is one i forgot. bill is a rockstar.
Originally posted by joe cassel:

Originally posted by joe cassel:
the trident/crusader forge knives are very brutish. but to me the create hot spots on the hand and are not comfortable.

Thanks for the info. I thought of buying one of these but now I've changed my mind.
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Personally I'd say ....GET A BUSSE! Big Grin

I own only two and both are built like tanks. a BATAC and a ASH1.

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Thanks, for some reason I thought they were up there with the prices for Mad Dog knives.

Great knives as well, but way over priced.

Doesn't Busse have another less expensive line as well? Swamprat or something like that, I think.

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Yes and No, Swamprat knives are made by the brother of Jerry Busse.


They are very high quality knives at affordable prices, but difficult to buy.
Every month or so Dan makes a batch of knives and they sold in a matter of minutes(no kidding)
You have to look the forum site:


Dan annonuces there when the next batch of knives will be sold.

By the way if you're really interested:


... we are going to offer a second shot at the $79.95 Dumpster Mutt Double Cuts out of the second batch for a very brief time on Tuesday night.
Will open the shopping cart up for 30 minutes on Tuesday evening starting sometime between 8:30pm and 9:30pm Central Time. All orders received on Tuesday will not be charged or shipped for approx 4-6 weeks. The remainder of the second batch will be featured on our website at the regular price of $99.95.

Give it a try and let me know.
Sorry for the long post, hope this helps.
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Originally posted by Lizardboy:
Although I don't own one, some of the Zero Tolerance knives are nice. They come from good lineage: Kershaw, Strider, Ken Onion.

Just got one of the folders from egay for a good price for my upcoming deployment.If the folder seems good Im probably gonna get the fixed blade. I'll try to remember to post a review when it comes in

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Originally posted by nate g:
Just bought a SOG trident blade today. I'm pleased with it. 80 clams though.


"80 clams" ain't shit. Most of us have dropped that without a second thought for a good knife.
SOG makes a good blade. My uniformed EDC was their Spec Elite II.

Not all of us can afford the custom folders or operate in an environment that requires purchase of such a knife.

There should be a balance of mission requirement, cost and quality.

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i don't "operate" in any type of eniroment that requires a million dollar knife. but i spend a good amount of change on them. same with guns. and vehicles, tools, anything. price doesn't always reflect quality and vice versa, but i don't think spending over a cnote on a knife is something to scoff at........ i have seen hundreds of 50 dollar knives work flawlessly. i have seen $1000 knives not work at all.

for me: i would rather spend $500 on something i KNOW will work, rather than skimping out and spend $25 on something that i am unsure of... that is just how i operate.....

having said that, most of the SOG stuff is ok. some of it is more "tacticool" than practical, though.

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