I don't think it's the issue of liking it, rather than availability. Kevin McClung is backordered for years, much like Emerson, before EKI was born. Price is another issue, but that's OK, because they are rare handmade products. All, in all, I would like to try an ATAK just for the fun of it, but am more than satisfied with my Strider BT, which costs half that price and would take just as much abuse if not more.

I have a Micro Frequent Flyer though and it's a nice little thingy.

I would have to second what husf has said. MD's are hard to come by, unless you know of someone selling one second hand. Try finding one up here in Canada!! They are very pricey, but you get what you pay for. I have yet to hear or read from someone who has had a MD fail them. I think I read once that they hooked up a MD handle in a vice, and yanked on it with a pickup truck, and it didn't break!! But maybe it was a Chevy, and that would explain it !!


Personally I feel they suck major elephant tits. The ones I owned (atak and one other), I sold, they sucked. Did not cut particularly well, I found the serrations to be terrible at best, and the grip is not all that amazing or comfortable (Although I heard he has a newer 1/2 thickness handle which might prove worthwhile).

The chrome actually does work pretty well, but the edge rusts fast due to it being exposed tool steel. Sheaths are pretty good too. He makes damn good kydex. Too bad his knives suck ass.

I would rate the atak I used as a dull prybar. The amazing thing is that I actually turned a profit selling the used knife. Go figure! Big Grin
Balling, thanks for making my point.

Mad Dogs are either dearly loved or vehemently hated...and we just heard from the hate camp.

The MD situation reminds me of other products which fall into this catagory, like the 1911, AR15, 9mm vs. .45, etc.

Take the 1911, either you love it or you HATE it...there is very little in between. However, my experience has shown that the products with the largest support and opposition... usually turn out to be the BEST products.

The cool thing is to each his own. The knife, gun, etc. that you carry will be the one you trust your life to, if you are confident in it than more power to you... if you have tried Mad Dogs and don't like them, then that is cool because they didn't meet your needs and that is the whole idea. And better yet you can sell them to me. Big Grin

Now to those that bad mouth a product, like MD, and have never owned or handled one...your opinion doesn't account for much.Roll Eyes
Balling apparently has trouble expressing himself.

Regardless Kevin "Mad Dog" McClung has a few folks that don't like him and a few folks that do. It appears that most folks here are on the "don't" list. That has no bearing on his knives. Just his personality.

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I have had exactly the same experience with McClung and his knives as described in that link. One TUSK and two ATAKs bit the dust the first time any lateral force was applied to them. I got the same customer service, too. I don't hate McClung; I just hope some day he's in a position where he has to rely on one of his own "industructable" blades. Oh, wait, I do hate him.
Interesting. Personalities aside, my MD knives are by far the highest quality knives (for my purposes) I have had the pleasure of owning or using. That includes knives by some of the other big name makers.

Tool steel does rust, and the knives require some care and attention, as do my firearms. However, they hold an edge better than any knife of any material I have owned. I have chopped, sliced, hacked, pried and otherwise abused several of my Mad Dogs and they are no worse for the wear.

On one occasion, I used a Mad Dog to pry all of the carpet tacking that was nailed to the concrete foundation of one of the rooms in my house. I hammered the tip under the tacking and then pried upward. Other than needing a new edge, the knife was no worse for wear.

The handle is comfortable, and doesn't slip when exposed to non-viscous materials. However, it does get slick when exposed to blood or thick oils. I recommend a lanyard for these applications.

As for knives breaking under lateral pressure, I would have to see it to believe it. I have witnessed several MD's clamped in a vice only several inches from the tip, and flexed about 45 degrees in each direction. (Trust me, this is hard to do with a 1/4" stock knife.) The knife not only survived, but remained true.

Admittedly, there is hype surrounding the MD products, as with most high dollar custom items. Say what you like about Kevin and his colorful personality, but in my firsthand experience his knives are outstanding.

thanks for yr replies.

I have some MD blades in my rack , among others brands , and they seems to me the best knives I've ever had even if I did T&E them in the wild.

Some close mates of mine , navy Incursors , use them badly every day and they are very very satisfied from Kevin's goods,I trust them alot because they are the real end users in the real world.

About Kevin's personality , I understand the matter .

PP out

" Memento audere semper "
Well, Balling does make a point about MD's sheaths...they are some of the best. I've tried a ton of knives, Strider, TH Rinaldi, Polkowski, Nealy, Dozier, Livesay, Mission, Busse, etc. By far the best carrying knife has been my Pygmy ATAK. It's been my daily carry for the past three years and I haven't found anything that could replace it. I really like the handle, and it rides well under my BDU shirt...has always been very secure. I've always been a little skeptical about the hard chrome, but my PATAK has been to NTC, SWA, Central Florida, Texas, and now in Georgia...a few spots if left unattended for an extended timeframe, but a little care now and then has worked well.

I've had great service from Kevin, and he's always been real responsive...I know there's been a big fuss between him and Mission knives, but my best field knife has been my Mission MPK in A2 steel...even more so than my Busse. I would like to have an ATAK, but I can't justify a new knife for that price.

You either like them, hate them or want one to see where you stand...

My problem wasn't with my Mad Dog ATAK-II. It was with the jackass on the phone who promised delivery in 30 days (this was back in 1993), then 60, then "another month", then "I don't have an order from you". It finally took someone else in his shop, NINE MONTHS LATER, to recognize the problem and ship me my fucking knife. When it arrived, seems Kevin had changed the design, changed the finish and didn't really give a damn that it was not what I had ordered.
A major custom gunsmith out west ordered a bunch of kydex 1911 holsters from McClung about 10 years ago. Paid for them up front. After months and months of being strung along, the gunsmith demanded his money back. McClung's response? "I don't have that kinda money just sitting around."
So the gunsmith just ate the loss and went to Blade-Tech.
I don't own any MD knives, and I won't buy any, either. Just don't like that kind of business personality.

~Pugnate Ad Mortem~

How do you like your Panther? I think I am going to have to start saving my nickels and dimes for that bad boy.

What about the ST2 finish, how do you like it and would you get chrome if you could do it over?


PS. just got a Pack Rat in yesterday and it rocks! It is my first small Dog.
Originally posted by Exodus:
How do you like your Panther? ....would you get chrome if you could do it over?

The Panther design is great , the quality of the craftmanship too , I do not know the ST2 finishing performances in the wild because I never carried it with me yet , probably if I could do it over I'd go with chrome .
PP out

" Memento audere semper "

Good point. Tried the screwdriver, and it was too narrow. I needed a flatter tool. It was late and hardware stores were closed. The particular knife I had was already quite used so I did not mind banging it around.... The next day I went and bought a prybar for the rest of my project....

Kevin has always been responsive and products (ATAK, Lab Rat, Operator) have been well finished and the handles are real hard to beat for fit and durability. "Ya gets what you pays for."

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