I just spent the week in Washington DC in and around the US Capital. It got old stripping my dress belt every time I went through another layer of security. It looks like this trip will be repeated more than once.

Is there a belt out there dressy enough to go with a suit, but with a non metallic buckle/ security check point friendly features? 

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Go to suspenders. (the ones with buttons on the pants as connectors). Friggin' comfortable x 10. Easy to adjust the ride height of your pants, classy (IMO), did I mention comfortable?  If they are making you take your belt off, you sure are not carrying your gat, so the holster support that the belt provides is a non-factor.

Suspender edicate: no belt, suspenders OR belt, never both (unless you are falling trees for a living), belt loops are ok on your pants, no need for hoity-toity suspender only pants (those have no loops and ride about 2 inches higher). Suspender are 'underwear' so keep your jacket on (this is not a 1980s Wall Street movie). Even though they are 'not to be seen', keep them classy and simple, no loony-toons prints. Same rule as belts, they should match your shoes.


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Resurrecting this thread because I have the same requirements. Lost a bunch of weight, bought a new belt, it sets off the metal detector. So I need a new belt, and I'd just as soon not make the same error again.  I don't need something fancy, but I'm looking for something that won't stick out in a "business casual" environment.

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