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Unless the scientist will come with some major breakthrough that will make M-Frames obsolete, I'll be sticking with them (even with my passionate hate against big O for the delamination of new lenses....). But recently I came across interesting piece of gear, which would allow me to use them even as a goggles for helo ops and stuff without the need for two separate eyepro.

It seems to be good idea, but I've seen lots of good ideas fail in real use, so I'm gonna ask:

Do you guys have any experience with those? I'm especially concerned with fogging and proper seal



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I’ve had a couple of sets for a few years now.  I don’t remember when these hit the street but I grabbed some as soon as I was made aware.

They work.  I don’t think I ever used them when in and out of a helicopter, but I have worn them exposed in vehicles and in high winds/cold.  I am confident they would be suited for being a guy riding in a helicopter.  As to being a guy working in a helicopter, I couldn’t say.

The seal isn’t the same as you may get from a set of OTWs or whatever, but I have not  found them to fog as easy as a real set of goggles either.

The flange can take a bit of a set if you store them in a tight space, but it will return once warmed up, in my experience.

The only thing I don’t like about them is that they latch to the center lock on the M Frames.  I know that lock is there for a reason, but I would rather remove it.

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