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I've been looking for quite some time for an OD green Gore-Tex jacket to issue to our tac team. So far I haven't found anything that fills the bill like the issue one in woodland. I was surfing Silverman's site in the UK and ran across one that's suppossed to be just like the issue Alpha jacket except it's in OD. Here's the link to the site.


If you go to military clothing it's on page one about half-way down.

Three hundred pounds is what they want for it and that's steep. Does anyone know of a U.S. vendor for this product? Secondly, has anyone ever seen an OD green ECWCS jacket?
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There are plenty of OD Canadian surplus gortex jackets floating around that are in new/almost new condition. Try searching on ebay for IECS (thats the name of the system they belong to). Drawback to this jacket is that it is insulated not just a goretex shell.
Technomadjumper beat me to that suggestion.
I just received an IECS jacket yesterday. Have not had time to wear it around and really check it out, but I am impressed so far.
It's got a ton of pockets, hidden hood, multiple adjustment devices, pit zips, etc. It seems to be really well made. I do not know if this is really what you are looking for because as TM jumper said it is not just a shell, plus it does have a military appearance, something some PD's shy away from.
Also the only way I have found these are on Ebay, most pretty beat up and in off sizes. If you do decide to go with these and try the manufacturer, drop me a line and if I may, I'll order one as well !

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As an OPFOR augmentee at Ft. Polk, we were issued OD Gtex last spring. They had been well used, but I'm sure they have an NSN for ordering new ones. I do know that you can get OD green Gtex commercial jackets from outdoor retailers (EMS, REI, etc) at or less than $100, depending on how many layers, pockets, actual Gtex vs. proprietary membranes, etc.

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Tactical and Survival Specialties, inc. www.tacsurv.com. Our team bought 25 sets of OD gore-tex last year. They are very nice and light weight. They also have black reinforcements on the shoulders, elbows, seat and knees, so they could be worn out with the family (I don't know about that personally!) Don't recall the cost but I don't think they were unreasonable.
Hey thanks for all the help guys. I really appreciate it! I shot a call to Tactical Gear Command yesterday but there wasn't anyone there who could really answer a couple of questions I had...just office women. I'm going to try them back today. They have GEN 1 and GEN 2 jackets, in OD. I was issued an ECWCS parka and rainsuit in '86 but I don't remember many of the salient features. What are the main differences between the newer and older jackets?
Has anyone seen any of the sage green Gore-tex parkas for sale? A buddy of mine got one years ago when he was either with 12th Group SF in a reserve unit or when he was doing counter drug with the CA National Guard. It was an awesome parka and would like to get my hands on one some day. He also had a Lowe vector pack with the repelling harness built in that was pretty cool too.



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