Anyone have time running the Okay SureFeed E2 mags? I’m seeing positive feedback from various sources, not looking to replace the PMAG just looking into viable alternatives. Appreciate it.



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It may be premature to say that there’s a problem with the new Okay E2 design, but I’ve been participating in a discussion over on with a couple people who have experienced feeding issues with them. My personal experience is limited to one use of one E2 magazine, but it mirrors what happened with some other folks. I shot 30 rounds of Federal 55gr .223 through a black E2 in my old Bushmaster, which does not have M4 feedramps, and about halfway through the magazine, it felt like the bolt had locked back. Turned out the tip of a round had jammed against the flat face on the inside of the receiver just below the feedramps, locking the bolt open. This happened two or three more times in the last half of the magazine. On one occasion, when I jiggled the magazine before dropping it, the round popped up and finished feeding. A guy on experienced the same thing with a Bushmaster with no M4 feedramps. I’m sure the lack of M4 feedramps contributes to the malfunction, but magazines have been feeding rounds just fine long before the introduction of the extended ramps.

The same thing happened in this Military Arms Channel review at about the 25 min mark, expect his issue was more extreme with the bullets getting set back into the casing, but caused by the round being feed directly into the flat face of the receiver instead of angling up the feedramps. I’m curious if the T91 upper receiver in the review has standard feedramps.

I plan to take my E2 mags out and test them some more. I was trying out the old Bushmaster after upgrading it with new internals, so I want to try the mags in other rifles too. Okay has been very responsive to the people who contacted them about this and has asked them to send their E2 mags in so they can be examined and tested. I’m going to wait to hear their response before joining in the wailing and nashing of teeth over there.


I have had no issues with mine across 5 different builds (small sample size, I know). I work with that company professionally in another field (they're right up the road, I've been to their facility watching the E2 stamping/welding process) and their CS/QA/QE team is pretty awesome.

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tactical3 posted:

HK MR556 - mags aren't drop free unless you grind a few of the top 'nub's off - mag will hang in the mag well - Surefeed indicated they didn't test the E2 with the HK pattern rifles but built the mags to mil spec lowers (?)

The nubs sound like a designed-in "feature," with the owner's being able to choose whether they want the mags to fall free or not. Interesting. Trying to think of where this would be good outside of a range.

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