I've been watching a lot of online auctions lately. One thing that they seem to have a lot of are old .22 rifles, as in 1930's and onwards. And some are incredibly cheap. So now I'm thinking of getting an old one just because.

If you got an old .22 rifle, what would you get and why?




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The old pumps from Winchester are pretty neat. I have a 62 and my brother has a 61. Hammer and hammerless respectively. They function with CB shorts, shorts, CB longs and lr.  I think mine holds 18 CB shorts and that ammo is really quiet from the 24? inch barrel. Great for back yard sports.


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Some that you look at from the early 1960's may not have a serial number.  My first .22, a Savage/Stevens  87/187,  semi doesn't have one.  Depending on where you live it may or may not be an issue.  

Could be cheap and should be fun to shoot!,


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I picked up a Winchester 69A.  They were made pre-war and up until the mid-60's.  They weren't required to have serial numbers before 1968 and so none ever did.  You can gauge them as pre-war or post war by things like the shape of the bolt handle (post war has some curve), sights, and whether the receiver is grooved for a scope.  I got it because I wanted the old style, full size .22 training rifle, similar to the ones I learned on.  They have nice steel, and good wood.

Similar to this one, though mine has the Lyman target rear sight.

Image result for winchester 69a



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