Is anyone still using  still using these uniforms? I did do a forum search and didnt find anything.




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Woodland BDUs are still around but have kinda faded.  They are still made and were popular until Mossy Oak and the like got popular. 

One measure of how effective a camp pattern is if hunters use it.  And they did for a long time cuz it worked.  ACUs - never saw them off base.

Woodland pattern was the best in the world but the pattern is so 1980s.  Multicam is so much better. 








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  Multicam is so much better. 

I whole-heartedly agree with that for many uses, but not all.  Seasonal and regional variances demand different approaches.  If I was going into the high desert where sage brush was dominant, or into dark, heavy hardwood environments, I'd opt for something different than Multi-Cam.  That's where mission-adaptable training and kit comes into play.  Know your environment, seasons and terrain idiosyncrasies.  

Trajan Aurelius posted:


Woodland pattern was the best in the world but the pattern is so 1980s.  Multicam is so much better. 

Woodland still works better in wet, dark, green environments (i.e. Pacific Northwest US, South America). You could make a case for Multicam Tropic in those same environments.


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I hunt on MD's eastern shore, and (subjectively) looking at the dark pines and shadows we have there woodland or a similar pattern works better than multicam.  The commercial hunter patterns still rule down there but the current run of green Sitka brand clothing has gotten very popular.  

I actually looked at some other patterns and the old WW2 german splinter camo and Rhodesian brush stroke camo would work excellent in the green/brown/shadowy areas of east coast woodlands as (I think) would some variants of Tiger stripe.  It helps that the area is fairly wet too.

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